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Are you a strong god-believer? Do you like the concept of religious beliefs and holy cultures? Are you a person who is a devotee of Jesus? Well, then you can surely start your own Christian company if you have good business skills on your mind. This can be a great opportunity as you will be able to do something you love to do, and that will definitely help you with the growth of your company. But, like all other businesses, this business will also require a lot of hardworking and dedication skills. If you can apply those skills in your business, no one will be more profitable than you. Thus, you need to think about this matter in brief and go in its depth.

The Christian-run businesses are always in the headlines. Starting a Christian- named business is like starting any other business. The crosses are beautiful and have a great meaning associated with them. This is the perfect time to work on your ideas and identify the possible opportunities in terms of partnership, investment, and research.


In today’s life, everyone wants their business names to be beautiful, lovely and unique. Finding a distinctive and fabulous name is very difficult and time-consuming. For everyone, business names are an important asset as your projects or services. Business names also reflect the image of your business and in the future, it may develop into the brand.  So to make easier for you, we suggest some ideas below which may be very helpful to choose names.


Biblical company names

Just because your business also focuses on religion products or services, it does not mean you lack in brand marketing. Christian company names are a perfect pick for a wide variety of businesses such as church organizations and religious book shops, etc. These unique faith-based biblical business names will attract more attention than any other name could. 

Even if you focus on a Christian business title, you still need modern help for marketing. You also need some eye-catching logos and soon you will witness a more profitable future without compromising your beliefs.

Here we have suggested some Christian Company Names below, do check them all-

Healing Ray  The Good GodHeaven SeedBorn Again
Narrow PathRebirth StoreGrace BookRate Reform
The Royal ThreadHope WaterGrace RaceDivine Path
12 Disciples DinerGod is Good BookstoreRelevant RadioOperation Mobilization
Believe PicturesGreen Pastures Health FoodsSecond Heaven Coffee ShopPart the Ocean Tackle Shop
Bread of Life BakeryHoly Grounds Coffee ShopServing in MissionsService Master
Covenant PublishingIron MenThe ARK Daycare CenterStrong Tower Fitness
Everlasting Life BookstoreJoseph’s Coat StoreTree of Life NurseryThirty-One
Forbidden FruitNew Heights Dance MinistryUplifting EntertainmentTrueblue Communication & Events
Galilee GalleryPartners WorldwideInterstate BatteriesUnder God Wedding Shop

There are various factors that you should always keep in mind before starting your own business. And, a business name is one of the most important factors among them. As you wish to form your own company someday, you will have to work hard in the first place. And, remember to keep in mind that only hard work can provide you with the gains that you desire. There are a number of things that you should consider before starting up a business, and business names are one among them as we have already mentioned the importance of the same.

Some more bible business names are mentioned below-

SamsoniteGod’s LightAdrielOmega Christian
Forbidden FruitTree Of LifeAdleyShiloh Sure
Apples of GoldHeart of Fire Christian CandlesHoly Spirit Bakery
BlueFish TVHeaven Rocks Music ShopThe Good Book BookstoreJeremiah Films
Born Again Second Hand ShopThe Rebirth NetworkChristian Christmas ShoppeNarrow Path Bike Shop
Cloud Ten PicturesTrinity BankCrystal Creek MediaNightingale Trust
Destiny PublishersWater Mission NationalEagles Wings Business and AccountingOmega Christian Television
Five & Two PicturesHobby LobbyGener8Xion Entertainment Inc.RightNow Ministries
Fount of Life Day SpaIn N Out BurgerGracebook Social NetworkingRise Again Breakfast Diner
Genesis AcousticsIn the Beginning BookstoreHerman MillerShiloh Printing

Factors that affect the company name

A business name acts as the foundation of your company and that is the main reason why you should pay utmost attention to it. There are various factors that influence the naming of a company which is very important for you to keep in mind. We will discuss those factors below for your better understanding and you must follow them in a particular order to achieve the desired outcomes you wish for. Read on to find the most important tips below which will help you choose a powerful business name.

  • Your business name should be creative and sweet- The name of your company should be catchy and smart as well. You should always choose a business name that will be well accepted by the targeted customers. Otherwise, it will be very tough for you to achieve the desired success in your business. Thus, you need to keep this factor in mind.  
  • A business name for your company must be related to Jesus- You can choose the name of your company based on the products and services you offer. So, if you offer some religion-based service, you can name your company related to Jesus. This is a great way to become famous and stand out from the crowd.

Here are some more biblical company names for you to choose from-

LifewayThis Little Light Candle ShopSamsoniteSing To the Heavens Music Store
PioneersUmbu ProjectsStill Waters RetirementThe Royal Stage
Reformers BookshopTom’s of MaineTalents BankForever 21
Second HeavenLife ReviveHobby LobbyHoly Spirit
Purple HeavenTrue JoyStraight BeliefUnder God
Apples Of GoldPreach ItEverlastingStill Life
Lot’s Wife Gourmet Sea SaltGod’s House Worship StoreChristian Cleaning CompanyAristopath
Mustard Seed Hot Dog CartHerald HouseConveneBe-Liv-It
One of a Kind RosariesHope ChannelEssence of IsraelBig Fish Tackle Shop
Pray On It Hunting StoreGod’s Light GiftshopFitness 9:27Preach it! Christian Store

These are some ideas that will help and guide you to choose your business name cleverly and carefully. You can find the desired name from these biblical business names as they are very attractive and can mesmerize your targeted customers.

Factors that affect the company name

How to choose biblical business names ideas carefully?             

As we know, choosing a business name that fits your business and can portray your work takes time and careful considerations. You may want that when consumers hear or see your business name, they have immediately makes good opinions about your company and the quality of your products and services. Here are some tips to be selective about your business names.

Find inspiration

It is better if you chose a name that belongs to biblical business names because these names are always unique and give inspiration to your costumers. They have a deep meaning that attracts the customers and makes them choose your products over another.

Chose unique and original names

It is better to use a business name that is already in existence as long as it is not famous or trademarked. But if you want your business to be famous or sole, then choose a unique name rather than an existing name. Also, an existing name may be prohibited in your area as they may create confusion. So you go for biblical business names that have many options and varieties of names.

Be Descriptive

In the biblical business names, there are many names that have their own descriptions along with their names. If you want your business name to be descriptive that identifies the type of your business you’re in then you should definitely go for biblical business names. You get the plethora of names in this and you will never face any difficulty to choose your business name.

Be Territorial

Business names can include the names of the area, in which you have developed your business-like a city, street, etc. Although the territorial names may be confined to a specific area, some of them get popular if the business is going well and impressing the public. You may get the territorial names from biblical business names as it includes them also.

Thematic names

Although the business name project image of your business, but the choice of name whether professional or whimsical represents a different image and that appeals to different markets.

Your personal name

If your own name is different and attractive, then you can choose your name as your business name. This will work well if you are an awe-inspiring and well-known personality in your community, area, and industry.

Use Sculpture References

If you know a few good pieces of sculptures from the Bible, then find the clever ways to use them in names. The names will become more attractive and gather a lot of attention.

Use puns

Let your sense of humor shine like little light of your names in your business name. It will be catchy and attract business.

Use your Business

You may not have a Christian name but you can use your name in the business name. This will show how proud you are having a Christian business.

These are some ideas that may help and guide you to choose your business name very cleverly and carefully. You can find your desired name from the biblical business names. They are very attractive and can mesmerize your costumers.

A few examples of names:

Now it’s time to get a look at some Christian business names. Here are some great examples:

Heavenly HotcakesHallelujah DinerChristian Christmas ShoppeBread of Life Bakery
Rise against Breakfast DinnerHeart of Fire Christian Candles Strong Tower FitnessStill Water Retirement
God’s Light Gift Bethlehem AlterationsGod is Good BookstoreHeart of Fire Christian Products
Everlasting Life BookstorePart the Ocean Tackle The Royal StageNew Heights Dance Ministry
Second Heaven Coffee Trinity BankHobby LobbyHerald House
Narrow Path Bike God’s House Worship StoreThe Rebirth NetworkLife scope Christian Products
Preach it! Christian StoreHoly Spirit God’s Hand Christian ProductsTrue joy Christian Products
Galilee GalleryUnder God WeddingStraight Belief PublishingHope Christian Store
Adam & EveApples of GoldNew Heights Dance MinistryChristian Cleaning Company
Life Revive Christian ProductsPurple HeavenFount of Life Day SpaThe ARK Daycare Center

These are some Christian business names that can be used if you have a Christian business or if you want to be your business on the Christian names. These names look very awe majestic and will invite the public.

How to choose biblical business names ideas carefully?             

In the above article, we have described some biblical business names, Christian based business names that depend on the types of business you have owned. We know that the business name reflects the business you are in and shows the image of yours and your products. So, it is better if you choose your name very smartly and elegantly because it may impact your business.


So, in the above article, we have described some beautiful biblical business names, Christian based business names that depend on the type of business that you have owned. We know that a business name reflects the business you are in and shows the image of your products and services. So, it is better if you choose your name smartly and elegantly because it may highly impact your business.

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