Best Fantasy Soccer Team Names


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With the return of the English Premier League approaching, it’s time for our attention to turn to managing your fantasy drafts and coming up with creative team names.

Fantasy Soccer games allow the user to act as managers of a virtual team, which they will put together themselves, using the limited budget assigned. Points are then accrued based on the real-life in-game performance of the selected players, with transfers in and out possible for those players who are felt to be underperforming.

Leagues amongst friends can be created, or you can join global leagues and compete with other players around the world, in a test of your soccer knowledge and skill. It creates an added element to live soccer games and an extra layer of excitement as you find yourself willing on particular players who you have chosen as part of your squad.

Some fantasy football communities offer the opportunity to win prizes, or you can create your own wagers through personal leagues amongst friends. Fantasy soccer leagues allow a diverse range of fans to share in their mutual passion for the beautiful game.

But first things first, it’s always important to come up with a clever or funny team name. You can find the top 100 on Here, we look at some of the best ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Food and drink 

Chicken Tikka Mo Salah

Cesc on the Beach

Dynamo Chicken Kiev

Ospina Colada

Baked Baines


Purple Reina

Ibe Got a Feeling

Hit me Bebe, one more time

Earth, Wind and Maguire

Murder on Zidane’s Floor

Pjanic at the Disco

TV and Film

How I met your Mata

When Harry met Alli

Teenage Ninja Skrtels

Show me the Mane

Game of Stones

The Wizard of Ozil


Ctrl Alt De Laet

Klopps and Robbers

Kroos Control

Petr Cech Yourself

Deeney in a Bottle

Crouch Potato

Of course, if you want to be really creative, you can try to come up with your own team names. Sport betting sites like can help with the inspiration process, with all the details of the new league season available. For some, most of the fun isn’t even the competition but the opportunity to come up with the most inventive team name to stand out from the crowd.

Players often change their team name from season to season, but the league name tends to live on, as explains. So if you’re creating a league amongst friends, it’s important to make sure it’s a good one. Here, are some further suggestions:

Barkley’s Premier League

Peter Beardsleague

The Just Tiss League

Karius to Glory

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen

American fans looking to reflect their home nation could also go with MLS names such as AC/DC United or LA Fallacy. The creative options are many and wide and can provide players with more thinking time than it takes to assemble their actual team together.

Fantasy Soccer is about community and competition, sharing in a passion with millions of others around the world. A name can help you to stand out and show something about your own knowledge of the game.

As excitement builds for the return of the EPL now is the best time to get thinking of new names or share your favorites in the comments below. For now, we look forward to titanic battles between the likes of ‘Gundogan That I Want’ and ‘Lallanas in Pyjamas’.

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