7 Tips on How to Choose the Right Dating Site Username


    Online dating nowadays is one of the most discussed topics among people of all age groups. Men and women all over the world crave love, so that’s no wonder why there are so many different dating platforms crowded with individuals seeking someone like-minded to chat and date with. But with the number of people seeking love out there comes the issue of competition. So how to stand out when starting your dating journey to increase the chances of attracting the partner of your dreams?

    Start with a username that differs.

    1. Choose the platform first and then adapt

    The first thing you can do to stand out and attract the partner of your dreams is to show them that you’re the one they need. To make the challenge even harder, let’s say you are a lesbian girl seeking a cougar. On websites for local cougar dating, women usually seek either younger girls or mature cougar women, depending on the side you’re at. Thus, if you seek a stunning mature lesbian, go for a short and sweet nickname that will show your charm – BabyDoll, CutePumpkin, Mini-me, LilLady, and so on. This way, you’ll lure her in with your innocence, and then, feel free to turn your charms on full blast. Show that cougar you are worth her time and are ready to get to know her better.

    2. If you are attractive, use it as your calling card

    All is fair in love, so if you know you are attractive and can use it to benefit, then why not? Do you have nice feminine curves? Use something like CurvyBae or Aphrodite. If you are a tall and blonde lesbian woman, go for TallandSingle or ThatBlondeGal. Or maybe you are a cougar who has long red curly hair? You can use it, too – HotGinger or Brave. Okay, the last one is not that obvious, but you surely get the idea!

    3. Go for favorite song lyrics

    This idea is both good for attracting the attention of other users and finding someone who has the same taste in music. It can also become a perfect topic for starting a conversation. Especially considering that it’s them who will reach out to you to let you know that they love this song or at least heard about it, it’s perfect for shy individuals. It can be nearly anything – ShadyLady, IKissedaGirl, DancingOnMyOwn, SexyBack, TextMeMaybe, KissMeMore, Sunflower, and so on.

    4. Don’t be afraid to demonstrate your intelligence

    Not only do looks attract people when it comes to online dating, even if we have been taught quite the opposite. Don’t get this wrong; people on lesbian dating websites still consider the way users look, but intelligence and the ability to engage in a conversation also matter. So, when choosing a nickname, go for something that will show you’re a smart and interesting person: CuriousMind, MadScientist, GeniusAtLove, DNAwesome, etc.

    5. Use your passions to stand out

    Another great way of standing out from the crowd and also giving a hint of what you’d like to talk about. Use your hobby in a nickname, and you’ll see how many like-minded people are seeking love just like you are. It can be anything, from gardening to extreme sports. Even if you are collecting stamps or are into the herbarium, you’ll find someone to share this passion with LiveForSpeed, the painter, GardenFairy, OrchidMantis, and Alstroemeria, and so on.

    6. Don’t use too many symbols and numbers

    Of course, it may be hard to come up with a unique username with so many individuals seeking love online. But it doesn’t mean you should use something incomprehensible at all. Usernames with many numbers and symbols are a really bad idea, and there are a few reasons for that. First, it looks suspicious. People might get the wrong idea after seeing it and end up thinking you are either a bot or a scam. Second, it’s hard to read, and there is actually no idea behind it. On the other hand, there’s no harm in choosing something like Gh0st, $ugarBa6y, Here4You, etc. These only show that you’re being creative, and who doesn’t want to talk to someone who’s that thorough?

    7. Use keywords

    There’s no harm in getting a bit deeper into the technical component of online dating. If the platform you want to use as an internal browsing bar or allows you to seek people using separate words, go for a nickname that has the niche keywords: SingleGay, TheCougar, LesbianCurious, BiGirl, BlackandGay, GayLioness, and many more. It doesn’t have to be too creative; you can use something plain yet screaming of your intentions. But keep in mind that using the wrong keywords might lead to misunderstandings. 

    Choosing a username starts your fun adventure of seeking new partners, so make sure to approach it thoroughly, and soon, you’ll be chatting with the person of your dreams.


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