Why You Should Treat Your Outdoor Sign as You Would Your Business

    Why You Should Treat Your Outdoor Sign as You Would Your Business
    Why You Should Treat Your Outdoor Sign as You Would Your Business


    Even in this digital age, signage is still as important as ever. It should be remembered that while digital marketing has become so important to the growth if many businesses, offline marketing activities are often the backbone of a business.

    Having a well-crafted and strategically placed open sign will not just communicate to your potential customers that you are in operation but also serves to pique their curiosity to want to know what’s offered.

    Therefore, as you pimp your website and use the latest SEO strategies, you should not forget about this age-old form of marketing. Here are the reasons why business signage is just as important as having a website.

    They Act as a link between you and Your Clients

    Just like your website, outdoor signs are the first point of contact between you and your customers. Signs act as that silent salesperson of your business. Outdoor signs draw customers’ attention to your business and also help in differentiating it from the other places on the street.

    Signs on the interior part of your business premises help your customers to find the merchandise they are looking for. Also, when used on special displays, they can make customers buy on impulse. The US Small Business Administration states that signs are the primary links that connect businesses to their customers.

    Why You Should Treat Your Outdoor Sign as You Would Your Business
    Outdoor Sign as You Would Your Business

    Draws Attention

    Strategic positioning of your sign helps to capture the attention of potential customers as they pass down the street. You can decide to hang it just above eye-level, place it at a distance, and also run it along the sides of your business.

    When it is designed creatively, a sign can help to communicate a clear message without uttering a word. It should be clear and to the point so that customers get the message quickly.

    It advertises your business

    The main purpose of the signs is to advertise your company and the product r services you offer. Although advertising online may come as a natural thing to do for most companies, signs can also pull off this trick pretty well.

    Outdoor signage provides the best alternative form of marketing and is a great way to advertise your brand. Thanks to the great technological advancements in the subject of wide-format printing, it is now possible to put large, clear prints just about anywhere.

    Prevents Lost Business

    A study conducted by the Better Homes Gardens and BrandSpark, 60% of consumers in the US have driven past their intended destination just because of lack of or poor signage. While some people will spare some time and look for your business, a good number of them will move on to other alternatives.

    And just like that, you would have lost out on that business. Thanks to great advertising potential offered by outdoor signage, the chances of losing your customers are much less. 

    A Sign Reaches Customers where they Are

    We live in an increasingly digital space where visual communication has the perfect opportunity to stand out. We are so used to getting alerts on our phones through text messages or social media channels. This has made many kinds of digital communication to start blurring together.

    Amidst this boredom, custom outdoor signs offer something different with their unique design. An open sign, for instance, can reach customers where they are and pull them right in through the door.

    Signs can reach potential customers more effectively compared to other forms of marketing. For instance, when customers visit your online page, they may check out your products or services feel intrigued for a fleeting moment but may forget entirely about your business because of the different chores of life.

    On the other hand, a good sign is like a beacon. It draws people to your business. This explains why outdoor advertising remains effective even in the advent of digital advertising methods.

    Brand Awareness

    On their own, people may only visit your business once or twice. There is even a possibility that they may never come at all. However, they pass by your premises all the time. They could be driving, walking, or biking.

    When you have a strategically located sign, your customers are sure to see it repeatedly. This repeated exposure is likely to imprint your logo, business name, and even the specific fonts in their minds.  

    This constant association with your business will create massive brand awareness. It means people are likely to remember your business later. For instance, if a homeowner passes a store every day in their car, that store will be the first place they’ll think of when they want to remodel their kitchen. 

    Outdoor Signs Target Different Demographics.

    Why You Should Treat Your Outdoor Sign as You Would Your Business
    Treat Your Outdoor Sign as You Would Your Business

    While marketing on the internet is often associated with great results, these ads must often be tailored to narrow, very specific demographics for the ad buyers to get the best results from their marketing strategies.

    Although narrow targeting can still be done with an open sign, this is not necessary. Exterior signs target all people who pass by the display and therefore has the unique ability to attract a wide array of customers.

    They are Nonintrusive

    Unlike TV ads or YouTube ads, signs don’t interrupt shows with ads. Also, they do not spam the inboxes of consumers with gazillions of emails. Similarly, signs don’t call consumers with those annoying telemarketing tricks. 

    They offer a much-needed break from the aggressive marketing tact that we are so used to. Instead, they only draw the eye and even this is in a very pleasing way. It doesn’t require any interaction or outreach. Thus, customers will notice that this form of advertising respects their space.


    Even at this time when it is easy to choke under the weight of digital marketing strategies, it is ill-advised to downplay the importance of a good open sign. Outdoor signs are among the best techniques for advertising and long-term marketing. It is much cheaper, has 24/7, 365 days availability, and lots of other benefits. It is just as important as your website but won’t require maintenance fees or other expenses.


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