When you think of cryptocurrency casino gaming, you may instantly be drawn to Bitcoin. However, there are other cryptocurrencies out there that are accepted at online casinos. These can prove to be just as exciting and may even be more beneficial for you. What can you expect to see if you were to wager on Dogecoin games online, for instance? Allow us to explain all as we take a quick look at Dogecoin casino games.

Faster Transaction Times and Lower Fees

One of the main reasons why you might prefer to wager on Dogecoin casino games over BTC-friendly ones is that you are likely to experience faster transaction times. Dogecoin can process DOGE transactions far quicker than Bitcoin can. On top of that, Dogecoin casinos are notable for charging no transaction fees. Even Dogecoin payment processors charge little compared to Bitcoin, giving you more funds to bet with.

Widely Available at Online Casinos and Moderate Anonymity

Dogecoin offers you the same level of anonymity as Bitcoin, if not better. If you are worried about not being able to gamble in a country where restrictions and geo-blocks are in place, then cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin could be for you. Moreover, the sheer number of online casinos that accept DOGE as a currency virtually ensure that you can always find somewhere to gamble online with Dogecoin.

Dogecoin Bonuses Do Exist

Most cryptocurrency casinos will attempt to push Bitcoin bonuses, but that does not mean that they do not have other bonuses for people who prefer alternative cryptocurrencies. For instance, any digital currency betting site that accepts Dogecoin will likely have Dogecoin-friendly bonuses for you. There will at least be a Dogecoin welcome bonus and possibly even redeposit deals and loyalty offers that you can snap up, too.

Not As Many Games Are Available

There is one downside to playing Dogecoin casino games. It is a relatively straightforward one – there simply are not as many Dogecoin-friendly games as there are ones that are compatible with Bitcoin. Because of this, you are going to find a somewhat limited selection compared to FIAT and BTC casinos. That said, most of the major providers have worked DOGE into their accepted currencies, so it is not as if you are only going to be able to choose from a dozen games. There will still be hundreds of available Dogecoin casino games for you to pick.

What Dogecoin Casino Games Can I Play?

Speaking of Dogecoin casino games, what can you play? Many of the most reputable and recommended Dogecoin casinos will regularly carry several hundred games from at least a dozen providers. Most of these will be DOGE-friendly slot machines. However, that is not all that you can expect to see. Top Dogecoin betting sites should also offer RNG (random number generator) table games, live dealer casino tables, instant win, fixed odds, video poker games and more. Some may even facilitate Dogecoin-friendly sports bets.


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