Why no deposit casino bonuses must always be claimed?

Why no deposit casino bonuses must always be claimed?
casino bonuses must always be claimed?

If you have been in the online casino world for a while now, you will already be familiar with the world of online casino bonuses. If so, then you will also have become familiar with the concept of no deposit bonuses (such as free spins, free bets, no deposit cash bonuses,..).

However, you may not have claimed one in the past but this would have been a mistake on your part as they are one of the most useful bonus assets available to in the world of online casinos.

This page is dedicated to teaching you a bit more about no deposit bonuses so you understand why they should always be claimed. If you’re looking for the most common bonus (free spins no deposit bonuses) you can find here at Betpal everything you need to start playing for free.

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

The fundamental concept to no deposit bonus is one that is very easy to get your head around. If you have claimed a bonus before then likely, you would have had to have made a deposit in order to have claimed it. In the case of a no deposit bonus, the need for a deposit is, of course, removed.

This means there is no need to invest any funds into your casino account in order for you to benefit from these types of bonuses.Due to the nature of them, they will often be offered when you first join a casino.

In this situation, all the casino will require from you is to register your details and this bonus will be given to you. Allowing you then to play for free and then profit entirely from the bonus in question.

In other cases, it may require you to complete a task on the casino, such as download the mobile app, and then you will be given the no deposit bonus. Other times, it may just be randomly awarded to you instead. Whatever the case, the core thing that stays the same is there is no need to have funds on hand to claim it. With them being given to you merely as a free gift from the casino.

Types of No Deposit Bonus

There are three main types of no deposit bonus deals you will find online. These are:
No Deposit Free Spins One of the most common types of no deposit bonus are no deposit free spins. If you have claimed a free spins deal before then you will understand the concept. If not then it is super simple to understand.

When you play slot games, you use spins which are taken from your account balance. Free spins mean that when you spin, your account balance remains the same. In the case of no deposit free spins, there is no need for an account balance at all. Instead, you will just be given these free spins without any investment, allowing you to play and win on a slot game without having to spend a penny.

Often these will be given to you in small amounts, for example between 5-20 no deposit free spins, which can be used on a selection of games. However, often you will be given free roam to use them on any game and the number of no deposit free spins could be significantly higher.

No Deposit Bonus Cash

In the case of no deposit bonus cash, you are not limited to just slot games but instead will be able to use them on all the games that a casino offers. No deposit bonus cash sounds exactly like what it is and that is bonus cash given to you for free by the casino for either joining the casino for the first time, or for accomplishing certain tasks at the casino.

These will generally be small amounts of between $5-$10 usually, but can often be higher. The beauty is that you can use these no deposit bonuses on more of their games and check out more of their services without any risk of spending your money.

No Deposit Free Bets

These will often be found in sportsbooks or live casinos and will allow you to place a bet on a sporting event or casino game of your choice, without the need to deposit. Thus, giving you a risk-free chance to win. As such, the concept is the same.

The only difference is rather than a set number of free spins or bonus cash, these will often be a one-off free bet up to a set amount, with specific terms about what it can be used on. For example, only on certain odds or on a certain event.

Why You Should Claim No Deposit Bonuses?

The first reason is very simple, it is essentially something for nothing and if you lose while using a no deposit bonus, then you have essentially risked nothing. While if you win, then that money you have won is now all profit.

This makes it the ideal way to kick off your time at a new online betting location and boost your funds on day one, or if the deal is later on down the line, recharge your account funds without the need to break into your own funds. In these scenarios, everything you stand to gain is complete profit.

While this is the most important reason why you should claim them, there are other more pragmatic reasons too that concern the casino offering them. First, it that because when a casino offers you a no deposit bonus, it gives you the opportunity to explore their casino, try out some of their games, and see if their service is one that is right for you.

Then, if you decide it is then before you have even invested any of your own money, you might already be off to a winning start. As well as this, a casino offering no deposit deals usually bodes well for them being a generous casino who might also offer similar such bonuses in the future too. With this likely being a taste of things yet to come.

Important Terms and Conditions

While no deposit deals are fantastic, they aren’t without their catches which you should consider prior to claiming one. The first is that many will still have wagering requirements attached, which can be a bit of hindrance.

What these mean is that any money you win with no deposit bonus deals will often have to be wagered and played with a number of times before you can actually withdraw it. As such, while the no deposit bonus is free, the money you win might need to still be played with and can’t be instantly withdrawn, unfortunately.

However, if you don’t win anything with the no deposit bonus then you don’t need to worry about this. Although if you want to claim the no deposit deal and still withdraw, then there is also no wager no deposit deals available which mean there are no wagering requirements attached.

In these cases, you can just instantly withdraw. As such, these are definitely the best deals to look out for. Aside from this, it is also worth considering limitations put on no deposit bonuses, such as max-wins.

These can limit you to only winning a pre-determined amount by the casino. For example, if the max-win is $1000. If you win more than this with no deposit deals you won’t be able to claim it. While in other cases, certain games or odds markets may be restricted from the no deposit deal too.

With this considered it is always worth reading and understandings the deal fully before you claim it. Keep in mind that the T&C must always be specified and available on the online casino page (this is a MUST do from UKGC and other gambling regulators).


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