A Personal Statement is a short college essay that you use to briefly but convincingly explain to the academic department why you chose this or that specialty and convince them that you should be selected among many other candidates.

The personal statement must be unique. There are several recommendations.

  • Write concisely, with enthusiasm, without complex grammatical structures and thoughts, which are difficult to understand.
  • Try to stand out, but be careful with humor and unusual language – the sense of humor of the admissions officer is different from yours. Structure the text in such a way that, first of all, it reflects your skills and qualities that are most valuable to the university.
  • The Personal Statement must not exceed 4000 characters (including spaces) and 47 lines (including blank lines). Therefore, every sentence you include in a Personal Statement should be important and clearly outlined, so editing at the final stage is highly important.

How to write a personal statement

Personal Statement is an essay of motivation that an applicant attaches to other documents when entering a university. It is with this essay that the candidate can attract the attention of the admissions committee and reasonably tell why he should be accepted in the chosen program. It is quite challenging to write a personal statement for a college, besides it has to go through editing. To find a professional editor working for an editing company providing such a type of service is a blast because an expert will help to edit your personal statement nicely and neatly.

Read the prepared text aloud. So it will be cleansed of unnecessary words and meanings. Show the text to friends, parents, teachers or educational advisors. From the outside you can get reasonable advice. Treat them critically, after all, this is your personal statement. Check for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

60% of all information should be dedicated to the chosen course and specialty, and the remaining 40% should describe your personal achievements, for example, in sports, work experience, participation in social work and more. It is important not only to list your achievements, but to show what you learned while doing it, for example, sports taught you to work in a team.

In order to help students understand what information should be included in a Personal Statement, UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) has developed a special questionnaire, which is available at http://www.ucas.com/documents/ statement/worksheet.pdf.

Cathy Gilbert, an expert at UCAS, shared tips with The Telegraph on how to write a winning Essay about yourself.

  • Make sure that there are no grammatical and punctuation errors in your essay, because teachers will definitely notice them. You can ask a native speaker to read your essay and check for errors and inaccuracies. If this person is an editor, it’s a win-win.
  • Before you start writing a Personal Statement, check the entry requirements for the courses you are interested in at ucas.com. Universities reflect the qualifications and requirements they seek from students.
  • Think about the reasons why you chose the courses – universities want to see strong evidence that you have a strong interest in the subject and that you are familiar with the requirements of the course.
  • Remember that you can only write one essay about yourself, regardless of whether you are applying to one or five universities. If you are applying for different subjects or courses, try to highlight common themes and your abilities, such as good writing and problem solving.

Remember that Personal Statement is personal work and plagiarism is not allowed here. Each essay is checked in an extensive database for similarities. Thus, you should not try to copy part or the whole essay.

Use examples to show your abilities and experience, instead of vague statements such as “I’ve always wanted to be…”

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