Why I love elevator shoes for men


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My name is Jackson, a fashion enthusiast. I see fashion as not just a physical covering but as an adornment that brings out the glamour and class in your appearance. I love to look good, but what I love most is leaving behind a lasting impression on people’s minds. Early in life, I learned that one sure way of creating a good impression is by dressing smart and wearing a nice pair of shoes.  GuidoMaggi.com elevator shoes may be a good place to start if you want to look smart, confident, and appear taller. 

A survey carried out to determine the first things that most women tend to notice when they see a guy showed that a greater percentage of them pay attention to their shoes, wristwatch, perfume, neatness, and height. Most women seem more attracted to tall guys than short guys. A nice pair of GuidoMaggi scarpe con rialzo will do the magic. I got to learn about this fact after I have had several unpleasant experiences with ladies. I am what you will call a little below average in height, but I love tall girls. Most of the ladies I came across seemed to admire my charming personality, but they would rather want to keep me as a friend than a lover because of my height.

I became insecure about my height and gradually began to lose confidence in interacting with the female folks until I got to find out about elevator shoes for men. It has been awesome for me because ever since I began wearing GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, I have felt very confident around ladies. I received compliments how lovely my pair of shoes are and how charming I look in general. Elevator shoes offer several benefits to men, and I will highlight some of them. 

Reasons why I love wearing GuidoMaggi elevator shoes

Like I said earlier, I love fashion, and I make sure to look good at all times. Although I might have learned the hard way about wearing GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, I realized that it is the best elevator shoe brand you can ever get to buy. Here are some reasons why I would choose GuidoMaggi elevator shoes over any other height increasing shoe brand.

  • It portrays me as someone with a good taste for fashion. 

Like I said earlier, I am a fashion enthusiast who believes that it is a really good business for you to look good. Elevator shoes portray me in that light. I feel great seeing people admire my outfit, especially my shoes. I have received compliments on how attractive and lovely my shoes are on several occasions. I love GuidoMaggi because they understand that fashion is a trend, and they tend to incorporate the latest shoe trends into their designs. If you want simplicity, the GuidoMaggi brand also makes simple but quality shoes available.

  • It builds my confidence.

Before I got to find out about GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, I was already losing confidence in my interaction with the opposite sex due to the height insecurities, I guess it was partly due to my preference for tall girls. Anyway, GuidoMaggi elevator shoes did the trick. I began to appear taller and even more handsome. However, I was careful not to buy elevator shoes with insoles that are far higher than my height. Doing such might make it too obvious that I am wearing height increasing shoes, which might also affect my walking step.

  • It makes me feel more in control.

Since I began wearing elevator shoes, I noticed that I am now able to maintain eye contact, especially when in a standing conversation with someone. Instead of looking up to them when speaking, I look directly at them because I can now stand shoulder tall with most people. I usually felt intimidated when someone has to look down to maintain eye contact with me. It is in the past now because I can feel more confident and in control of conversations.  

Ever since I discovered the immense benefits of wearing GuidoMaggi chaussures réhaussantes, I have further enhanced my fashion sense and improved my overall appearance.

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Carmel Issac
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