Why Going To Clubs Is Boring, But Everyone Acts Like It’s Not.

I can say with certainty that I spent my youth not just burning. Of course, as any attractive girl looking for love in the big city, at one time I took, as a rule, to regularly visit a variety of nightlife entertainment, which some romanticists call clubs, and more experienced – pubs.

What makes us so passionately want to join the club culture?

Of course, promotion in the media. In the streets and libraries, it is no longer acceptable to get acquainted, on dating sites are only losers.

And how everything looks beautiful in movies and TV series!

Rhythmic dance music plays, neon lights and stroboscopes shine brightly. Beautiful boys hug beautiful girls, raise their hands in a silent plea to the electronic god and spend every night as the last. The champagne is pouring down the river and the party isn’t thinking of ending… And also when there are real characters from a life-like Zahia Dehar who confirm this reality and just have to find it…

So why isn’t it? Let’s get to the point.

First of all, it’s impossible to dance in clubs.

Yes, as strange as it sounds, there’s very little room. Moreover, the organizers save on the dance floor area everywhere – I’ve seen it in Moscow, and Ibiza, and Mykonos. As a result, you are surrounded from all sides by a crowd of sweaty and often drunk strangers.

Secondly, it’s hard to communicate in clubs.

Again – don’t believe in movies and soap operas! Music in clubs rumbles so hard that even the simplest words should literally shout out in the ear right in front of you interlocutor. Add to this the noise from the crowd – and get a deafening cacophony, which does not contribute to either acquaintance or the continuation of communication.

Third, in clubs, it’s unlikely to find a gentleman.

In fact, 95% of night outings, according to my observations, come to hang out with their company. Of course, sometimes someone meets someone – but the noise and crush somehow do not contribute to productive communication. Especially, it is unlikely that a potential life partner will cling to a little-known girl in the club – it already says a lot about him and her.

Fourthly, the clubs have expensive drinks, and you can’t find normal food during the day with fire.

Champagne is sold only in the most expensive clubs, the usual assortment – Coca-Cola, beer and all sorts of God-awful cocktails, from which in the morning just a poor head splits. The cost of club liquor just goes off the charts.

Fifthly, lack of sleep is not the best companion for fun.

Many people hang out at night and study or work during the day. To stay cheerful, clubbers on what just do not go – here and drunk liters of Coca-Cola (contains a lot of caffeine), and very harmful energy, and the king and queen of all parties – cocaine and ecstasy. However, the human body is not stupid and still takes its own: repeatedly saw sleeping in the ladies’ room girls students.

Sixth, there’s a good chance that you’re gonna run into the wrong kind of girls.

It’s only in movies that decent guys and sons of millionaires go to clubs. In reality, boys can be divided into three main categories: too stoned, too stupid to understand that “no” means “no”, old grunts.

Seventh, a trip to the club usually ends with some sense of incompleteness.

Flower music is turned off, the bar is empty, on the dance floor is literally the last couple – maybe they died, and move just on inertia? The night is over, the sequins are flying, and the makeup is smeared. The prince is still gone; his head hurts from stuffiness and a suspicious cocktail, and uncomfortable shoes rubbed his feet.

I want to wave at everything and never again to burn the night in the clubs, and quietly and peacefully sleep at home.

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