The U in Ugg stands for unisexuality. Anyone can rock it. Uggs can come across as a luxury item while also being enviably comfortable. But Ugg becomes a universe of its own when the ladies decide to step it up. In all seriousness, Ugg for women offers a range of variety. It is easy to get overwhelmed over a pair of boots. But it can also be rewarding because there is an ugg for every situation.


Uggs are commonly manufactured using sheepskin. They are prepared in tanneries and then procured by manufacturers. The raw materials are often sourced from European and Australian livestock reared in free-range environments.

Merino sheepskin plays a significant role in bringing out the superior quality of the footwear. Merino sheepskin can give the desired effect even in extreme temperature. It can also withstand moisture. Merino skin on Ugg for women is a top priority for ugg enthusiasts everywhere.

The inner coating on ugg is layered using fleece. What makes Ugg the softest surface to grace one’s skin is the fleece used in combination with sheepskin. Fleece is a synthetic fabric widely used in winter clothing. It can wick moisture and regulate body temperature. This keeps the feet warm while rarely letting any liquid permeate through the surface.

Relatively unknown, rabbit fur is also preferred. Although still a niche, knitting rabbit fur as the Ugg’s side skin never fails to deliver. The rabbit and the sheep made this year’s fashion week. This is the ultimate haute couture. Vintage fashion is making a comeback.


Modern problems deserve traditional solutions. The first-ever Ugg conceived was the excellent old boots. They were resistant to wear and tear while giving warmth during winter. Away from the farmland and straight to a fashionista’s cupboard, uggs have been there, done that. They come in all shapes and sizes. Knee-length boots which are zipped up are seen as high-end fashion. This does not mean the classic boots should be chucked. A classy addition to a look, they can never go out of style.  


A good number of people opt for the standard colour range. This could be chestnut, beige, black, chocolate. They double for professional and casual settings. But that should not stop one from experimenting with bolder hues. Fluorescence and neon colours are available in the market. A little splash of rainbow never hurt anyone. One can be pretty in pink and still pack a punch.


Uggs do not have to be limited to the high handed design of boots. Ugg for women is now available as slippers. A-lister celebrities over the years are seen on the red carpet donning Ugg slippers with all that bling.


Another member of the Ugg for women tribe, it can be strange to picture an ugg moccasin. Regardless, they exist. They turn up the fashion quotient in any wardrobe by several notches. Every foot deserves the luxury of ugg moccasins. They are sinfully delectable.

Uggs are the new age investment to one’s look book. The Ugg persevered through all eras’ evolution because it makes a trusted accessory in any given situation.


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