What’s Trending in Fashion Fall 2021?

Fashion Fall

Before divulging into the fashion trends of 2021, one should keep in mind that Fashion is different for everyone. You can make as much of a statement from a pair of sweats as from a classy dress. Here, at Vlone, we believe in individuality, how you can adopt any fashion style and still be trendy! A t-shirt and denim pants are fashionable when you want them to be. Ian Connor and ASAP Bari are yin and yang to each other. This style of yin and yang is also dominant in Vlone Palm Angel T-shirt.

The Art of Standing Apart in a Crowd

In fall fashion, we vow to stand apart but fit in at the same time. You are the most important factor in deciding what you want to trend. The fashion style changes in the blink of an eye in this era. This style changing has its cons, but the advantage of this is that you do not have to conform to a particular fashion style. Choose whatever makes you comfortable and mould it to what is trending. Vlone provides an array of selections. Choose what best describes your style and make the bold statement that you want to make. Fashion evolves with you and not with the changing fashion trends. 

Covid-19 & Fashion Trends

The last year of quarantine changed Fashion. Fashion is now more about comfort. Covid-19 changed Fashion for everyone despite age or gender. Even sweatpants became a style statement. The hood fashion came in like a wrecking ball. Bucket hats became the rage. The fashion style became gender non-conforming and a good thing because dresses are meant for females, and both males and females wear blazers. 

Comfort became Fashion

The times where short skirts were worn in winters for the sake of Fashion are long gone. It is ‘comfort’ over style now. 2020 taught us that there is nothing greater than comfort, and we want to see the same energy in 2021. When the clothes do not constrict your movements, you feel more in your element. Vlone stores are aware of comfortable Fashion and want their users to make a statement from comfortable clothes. Whether it’s comfy t-shirts or fuzzy sweats, we know what our users want.

Fall Fashion 2021

Learning our lessons from 2020 this year, we want our hope to shine. We want to show ourselves that there is so much to feel hopeful about. 2020 snatched our happiness, so in 2021, we show that we are a hopeful species and will not one measly virus dictate our lives. The colours of this fall are yellow and grey. We are looking for the bright sunshine that will shine after the dark grey clouds of misery. Bold colours will not only show our optimism but will also help us make a bold fashion statement. But again, if black is your colour of optimism, wear black. We at vlone hoodie believe that there are no set rules of Fashion. You can deviate from fashion trends from time to time and still be fashionable.


t-shirts will always remain in Fashion even if the world falls apart. The good thing about t-shirts is you can style them with almost anything. A business meeting? Tuck the t-shirt on the trouser pants, put on a matching blazer, and there you have yourself a classy, sophisticated outfit. An outdoor concert? Take the same t-shirt, wear leather pants or a leather pleated shirt, and you are ready to rock. Or baggy pants and a t-shirt makes for a beautiful outfit. There are thousands of possibilities with one t-shirt. Whether it’s 2011 or 2021, t-shirts are never going out of style. Vlone provides a variety of designs of t-shirts from which one can choose from.


Long gone are the days when sweatpants were only worn in the comfort of your own house. They are now a huge part of Fashion.  Don a pair of sweats and add a chunky necklace, and you have turned into the fashion diva. Add a jacket to add more sparkle to your ensemble. 

Hoodies & Jackets

A good hoodie should always be a part of your wardrobe. Oversized hoodies are the source of comfort and now a fashion statement. Even celebrities wear hoodies as part of their outfit. And don’t we love them for that? They are also quite popular among the students as they keep you warm and trendy. A jacket upon a hoodie sounds ridiculous, but in reality, it has been a trend for some time now. 

Denim Pants

Denim pants will never go out of fashion. They were trending in 2010, and they are trending now. Mom jeans, bell-bottom jeans, or simple denim pants, everything can be worn with a good shirt, t-shirt, or blouse. 


It is quite noticeable that some things never go out of fashion. The Fashion of the 90s is returning with a vengeance, so dive into your moms’ wardrobe and don her clothes. The comfy yet trendy look is also a fashion fall 2021 theme. Vlone is proud to say that we have all that is trending now. Our t-shirts, sweatpants, and jackets have unmatched quality. And also comfy while being trendy. 


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