What you need to know about Student Communities


    Every year the university faces a big campaign for student council elections and for the position of student ombudsman. Assigning scholarships and expulsions from the university, funding student projects and updating curricula are just some of the issues that student government bodies are involved in, but they already show why participation in elections is in every student’s best interest.

    A well-developed student self-organization is now as much an indicator of a university’s level and reputation as the quality of education and citation of research. The student councils of the world’s leading universities are self-governing structures with serious resources and influence the daily life and development strategy of their universities. Serving on a student council is a valuable line on a résumé that earns its holder extra points when applying for jobs.

    U.S. student societies

    U.S. student societies are special organizations for men and women, literally called “fraternities” and “sororities,” because their members have certain rights and are subject to the charter of their community.

    These organizations have existed successfully in North American universities for about 3 centuries. In Europe, there are similar student organizations, student corporations, designed to unite young people into organizational groups for a more productive and fun life and studies at universities.

    U.S. student communities tend to have a name consisting of Greek letters and are divided into women’s and men’s. Membership in a U.S. university community includes active participation in the community throughout your studies and, in some cases, even after you graduate.

    It is not easy to join a U.S. fraternity or sorority. First of all, you need to have some financial security to be able to pay your fraternity dues and living expenses on specific campuses assigned to your community. For that, you can work as an essay writer.

    In addition, in order to join a fraternity, you have to prove loyalty to it. Sometimes “loyalty” has to be proven in the most unpleasant way. There have been times when it has involved walking naked across campus or drinking sour milk. But the desire of candidates to join a college community is so great that despite the obvious health risks, they are willing to make other sacrifices.

    History of American Students Organization

    The history of American fraternities goes back to 1776. The first student society had the name “Phi. Beta. Kappa.” It included people who were immensely popular at the time – writers, politicians, poets, etc.

    Traditionally, two or three letters of the Greek alphabet are chosen for the name of the student body. It could be Zetta Beta Tau, Zetta Psi, or another option.

    One of the “pluses” of U.S. student associations is that some members are actively involved in the lives of other members, helping them adjust more quickly to student life and integrate into the learning process. Also student associations in the U.S. practice charity and philanthropy, in most cases as a traditional phenomenon.

    One of the drawbacks of fraternity or sorority houses is that they regularly host drunkards and raucous parties, and everyone in a fraternity or sorority must be able to get very drunk and keep his or her cool.

    There are also strict laws in U.S. fraternities and sororities, and failure to follow them can result in expulsion from the fraternity and the school. It is desirable to show progress in your studies, as no one likes the stupid. By the way progress should be shown everywhere. Traditionally, we can help the reader in this.

    For example, if a member of a fraternity is seen drunk in his fraternity uniform, he may be kicked out of the association. It is believed that by showing up drunk in a fraternity uniform, you are disrespecting the values of your fraternity, which means that such people have no place among brothers. Therefore, such a student is kicked out of a fraternity, and surely no other fraternity will be willing to accept him or her.


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