What to do to save your investments in dash


    Dash cryptocurrency appeared and was successfully developed in Venezuela. If you ask any resident of Caracas about it, he will be able to tell you a lot, if he wishes, because Dash is a very popular cryptocurrency in those parts, in some way the success of Venezuela.

    Important features

    Transfers to Dash are much faster relative to the same Bitcoin, since the system does not verify the sender and does not collect data about him. This was precisely the key idea of Duffield. Network security is guaranteed by a special Darksend engine, which guarantees anonymity and minimal human participation in the payment.

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    The system mixes the funds sent with other transferred money, sometimes up to eight times, so tracking is almost impossible, but the amount is remembered clearly and everyone gets exactly as much as they should. Mixing is done by masternodes – special nodes that do not have a common control. Each time you mix these masternodes, several are involved.

    The extraction of currency is arranged in such a way that it turns out to be profitable only for ASICs. Owners of ASICs receive 45% of the reward for each decrypted block, the same amount for master nodes, and 10% goes to the platform development fund.

    DASH deservedly maintains its reputation as the most decentralized ecosystem because it uses a dedicated DAPI interface. This is the name of the site where everyone can create their programs, one way or another interacting with Dash. The main work here is again on masternodes, they verify the transactions being carried out and maintain high performance of the operations performed.

    Purchase, storage, and exchange

    The Dash coin is in high demand, that is, it can be easily exchanged for other money. In particular, transactions with it are made on:

    ·       EXMO;

    ·       Kraken;

    ·       Bitfinex;

    ·       Binance;

    ·       Huobi.

    And the main pairs with this crypto are:

    ·       DSH / USD;

    ·       DASH / BTC;

    ·       BTC / DASH.

    You can track the most profitable exchanger on different websites and convert dash to btc as well. Since the Dash rate can seriously change even within one day, it is better to monitor this crypt constantly, looking for exchangers with the most favorable rate.

    I meet a favorable exchange rate for Dash for rubles on the 365Cash platform, at least here there are no long delays with the exchange and withdrawal of funds. Only the first payment was long, but the subsequent ones took place relatively quickly. And even the exchange rate against USD is often more profitable there than on other services.

    I recommend trying the 7Money exchanger, often there is the best exchange rate possible. And it works in automatic mode, which means that your transfers will go much faster, and you will not have to wait until the operator on the exchanger manually checks your transfer and confirms the transfer.

    You can store this crypt on the official wallet, and among third-party developers. If the amounts are large, then it is better to use a special hardware safe Ledger, Trezor, or KeepKey.

    If you plan to change it to regular money through an exchanger, you should always check a specific site on Bestchange in advance to avoid fraud (even if you have already cooperated with this exchanger, because everything on the Internet is changing rapidly). But with the help of a reliable exchanger, you can easily get funds to an electronic wallet without delay


    Cryptocurrency transactions are already firmly entwined in the modern world, and Dash is certainly one of the most promising here. So you can start studying this cryptocurrency right now. This will help you better navigate Brave New World.


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