What jackpot casino can I play in Australia: features of jackpot mechanics and TOP 5 casinos to play are provided for ease of playing


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What jackpot slots casino can I play in Australia – best places to play

Each casino provides its own jackpot conditions, as well as a reward multiplier. In this article you will learn what jackpots are and answers to a question “In what jackpot slots casino can I play in Australia?”.

What is a jackpot? In simple words, the jackpot is the biggest win you can get in one spin. Most often jackpots are found in slots, but they are also in other games, for example, roulette. To get the jackpot, you need to collect a rare combination of symbols and wilds. Some modern slot machines have bonus levels that give furthermore cash than the jackpot. But even so, the jackpot is the most desired target of the game, because not every slot machine has a bonus level.

In some jackpot slots, the main requirement of the jackpot is the maximum bet. Without it, even if you hit the needed combo, it will not be counted. But this system has an advantage – with the jackpot you will get the maximum possible multiplier. Many slot players use this game strategy:

  1. Sit down at the slot machine.
  2. Play 2-5 games trying to get a bonus level or jackpot.
  3. Change the game.

So, they increase their chance to catch the jackpot or bonus level. Many people ask us: “What jackpot casino can I play in Australia?”. Let’s figure it out!

What is meant by Jackpot slots casino?

What jackpot casino can I play in Australia? Jackpot casinos are the sites where all slots have jackpot mechanics. Such platforms are perfect for those who like all-in in poker or bet on zero in roulette. Why should you waste time on regular wins when you can play big!

And the jackpot in games varies from a few hundred dollars to thousands or even a million dollars. Well, how to resist the temptation to win a huge jackpot in 1 spin? That is why casino jackpots are very popular among gamblers.

Features of jackpots types

There are two types of jackpots – fixed and progressive. Both types are often used both in online casinos and in real ones. Let’s see how they differ and which is better.

The fixed jackpot always pays a certain amount. Most often, slots with fixed jackpots require the maximum bet from the player. The fixed jackpot does not depend on how long you play the slot machine. This is both a plus and a minus, and soon you will understand why. You can easily get it from the first spin. Usually, fixed jackpots are not very large. And in modern slots using bonus levels you can get even more coins than from a fixed jackpot.

The progressive jackpot depends on how many games were played on the machine. In some slots, this amount is stacked due to your games, in others – due to games and other players too. The main disadvantage of the progressive jackpot is that if someone got it before you, in the case of a jackpot, you will receive less than in games with a fixed jackpot. This is where the main advantage of the progressive jackpot comes from – you can wait until someone “feeds” the machine to an impressive jackpot, and then sit down to hit a huge amount. This strategy is often practiced in real-life casinos.

List of Australian jackpot slots casinos

For those who ask “What jackpot casino can I play in Australia?”, we have made a list of sites that offer the largest progressive jackpots:

  1. True blue – free spins, impressive promotions.
  2. Bao Casino – a huge cumulative jackpot, bonuses, convenient interface.
  3. Jack Million – jackpots up to $ 100,000, starting bonus.
  4. Raging Bull – giant progressive jackpots, high stakes, free spins.
  5. 7 Spins – extra bonus deposit, 200+ slots, tournaments, a huge jackpot.

On each of these sites you can hit a giant jackpot and earn an incredible reward. Try your luck!

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