What is Restorative Dentistry


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While all of us might have different beauty standards, a beautiful smile is something everybody wants. Lucky for us, there have been a lot of advancements in the dentistry world which can help restore and build our smiles according to what we desire. Restorative dentistry is when a dental professional carries out a series of procedures to bring your mouth to a functional and aesthetically pleasing state. Although it is not something recognized as a dental specialty by the American Dental Association, many dental professionals can carry out these procedures without additional education or certification. It depends on the difficulty level of the procedure and the general comfort level of the professional with the procedure. These procedures include veneers, bridges, filling, and crowns including full and partial dentures and dental implants.

Replacement of a missing tooth

Restorative dentistry is known as prosthodontic dentistry. No matter what term your dental professional is using, the goal remains the same which is to preserve the natural teeth to the maximum. These procedures are not just to please the eyes, but the replacement of missing teeth either by bridges or implants also helps promote dental health. If you fill out the empty space of your mouth, this prevents you from developing cavities because the gap there is prone and vulnerable to plaque and bacteria build up. Due to the lack of surface area present with which you chew, this also puts extra stress on the remaining teeth.

Options found with tooth restoration

When making the decision about what restorative strategy you want to go with, you have to consider both physical and fiscal factors. This means that the two most important things to keep in mind will be your budget and your health. Before going for full or partial dentures, the dental professionals will try their best to restore your natural teeth as an attempt to save you from removing and cleaning the devices regularly. In the case of having many missing teeth or if you are not fit enough for having implants, then dentures are the best way to go about restoring your mouth.

Dental Restoration types


If we talk about direct restoration, then this process involves fitting a filling into an already prepared tooth cavity. This procedure will not make you visit the dentist’s office again and again as it can be done in a single sitting. The dentist will choose from the already present options available by analyzing where the filling has to be placed. This will depend upon the area and how much pressure the tooth will undergo. So the decision will be made accordingly.


Regarding indirect restoration, options include customized fittings such as outlays, crowns, and inlays. A crown basic outlay can cover multiple cusps of the tooth. This procedure will require multiple visits to the office because these fittings are fabricated in a lab. There are multiple materials available with which you can make these. This depends on what you want. Some of the materials are gold, porcelain, and resins.

Restorative dentistry is the art and science of restoring teeth that were affected by decay, fracture, cracks and other ailments that cause part of the tooth to be lost or missing. According to New York Total Dental’s website, the advancements in bonding techniques and esthetic considerations have evolved greatly over the past decade, making even simple fillings made to restore simple cavities a form of art that needs meticulous care and precision to reproduce the shape, size, form and color of the restored tooth.

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