What is a Dab Container?


    The vaping market had evolved far faster than anyone could have imagined. Originally populated by e-cigarettes, vape liquids and a small selection of accessories the market underwent a colossal boom when various states of the USA began decriminalizing and legalizing cannabis.

    Manufacturers of vape devices and accessories recognized there would be a rise in demand for cannabis vape devices, and they were right. People began to move from the traditional joint to the safer method of vaping – which omits the flame so does not come with adherent carcinogens – very quickly, and new makers and retailers entered the market.

    One of the fastest growing areas of vaping has been that of accessories, especially those that help people who like to vape on the move. Dab containers are among these, so let’s have a look at what they are and the different types you can buy.

    Different Types of Dab Containers

    The sheer choice of vape pens for dabbing wax is amazing, and it follows that there will also be a wealth of accessories for the vaping crowd. Dabbing – as opposed to vaping dry herbs – involves the use of cannabis concentrate in wax form, also known as dabs. Of course, if you’re vaping your cannabis dab on the move you need somewhere to keep it safe and fresh, hence the emergence of dab containers in various forms, a few of which are described below.

    Silicone Dab Containers

    Silicone is a popular material for dab containers for many reasons. It can be formed into just about any shape so can be made discreet and compact – the primary requirements of a dab container – and is also resistant to heat and waterproof. It’s a cheap material to machine so you’ll find that silicone dab containers are great value for money and there will be plenty of options for you to choose from.

    Flat Dab Containers

    It’s worth remembering that where vaping cannabis is legal it is usually not so in public spaces so it’s worth checking the local laws to be sure you are not breaking the law. What are flat dab containers? Exactly that, a dab container designed to be slim and flat so that you can slip it in a pocket, wallet or bag without taking up unnecessary space. These come in a variety of materials – silicone included – and you’ll find there are many to choose from in what is a convenient design.

    Multi Slot Containers

    Why do you need a container with multiple slots? What if you carry different types or grades of concentrate for greater choice? Many cannabis fans do as they buy various concentrate from different plants and a multi slot container allows you to store these different types in one place without contamination. This is a great idea for the regular user who likes to try different types of cannabis.

    Glass Dab Containers

    Glass might seem an odd choice for a portable dab container, but borosilicate glass is very strong and durable, and also resistant to heat as well as secure. These containers are currently trendy with those enjoying vaping as they look great and do a good job of keeping your dab safe and ready for use. This option is worth checking out if you’re concerned about style.


    Among the many vaping accessories, the dab container is one that is largely for practical purposes and is a necessity for anyone who likes to carry their wax dabs around with them. Check out many more styles by visiting an online store such as Vape4Ever where you will find all the items you need to enjoy your vaping safely.


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