Background checks make finding out crucial information about people at your workplace, relationships or even family members that you have lost touch with, easier. Instant Checkmate is a search service that provides various types of information depending on your goal and ensures that it is made available within the shortest time possible. Whether you are searching you are information for personal use or part of a job, Instant Checkmate will get you the answers you need.

Where does Instant Checkmate get its information?

The search service is one of the most reliable background checkers in the US, according to most instant checkmate reviews. Its popularity is best on the depth of information it provides to users looking to learn more about themselves and others as well.

So, where does the site get all the information that it offers those doing background checks?

  • Instant Checkmate gets its data from public records which include those stored by the county, state or federal offices in the US and can often be accessed by members of the public. The files available on people residing in the US and beyond are in the millions and may take you years to find out information that you need. Luckily, Instant Checkmate has a system that can quickly go through the records and extract the information that is required. In most cases, the results are provided in the form of a report to make it easier for users to read through and understand the information presented to them.
  • Integrity plays a significant role in the provision of information by the site resulting in them becoming a leader in the background checker industry. Instant Checkmate ensures that the information collected from various sources is verified and accurate before including it as part of the report. Since background checks are legal in the US, it is possible to countercheck the information provided by the site against other public records, and are likely to find that everything checks out. Additionally, the data provided by the search service often reveals information that might go beyond those offered by similar companies making it worth checking out.
  • For Instant Checkmate to offer accurate information on different individuals, it is crucial that the necessary details are factual from the get-go. In most cases, search results are provided as soon as minimal information that matches data in public records is provided. As more data on the individual is made available, the results become more specific making it easier to find the right match with the correct details. In most cases, the search services glean as much information as possible from the public records to ensure the final report is all-inclusive.
  • Typically, Instant Checkmate offers a standard report to all its users that use the free version to search for information on various individuals. The report provides necessary information about the person being probed making it worth holding on to for future reference. However, for a more comprehensive report from the various sources, users need to pay for their premium service which is worth checking out.

Basic information provided by Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate can get you any information you need about yourself, friend, family member or colleague among others. The background checker is designed to use a few details to offer enough data about an individual to anyone doing an online search. Whether you are searching for basic data or comprehensive report, the search service will provide it to you at no cost.  

So, what information can you get when using Instant Checkmate?

  • Financial records

Deciding to partner with someone on a business deal or even loan them money may be hard when you have no idea about their financial habits. However, a simple search on Instant Checkmate can provide information on their current financial status and any other useful data concerning their money habits. The search service offers detailed financial records on US citizens making it possible to make an informed decision on matters concerning fiscal matters.

  • Family records

Getting information about your lineage is possible on Instant Checkmate, with the results being as accurate as possible. Most times, the site will ask several questions to make it easier to narrow down the search on the members of the family and additional information about them. The search service combs through all available public records to provide correct data concerning individuals and their possible relations.

  • Job history

Finding out information about a candidate for an upcoming interview can go a long way in helping a business make the right decisions. On Instant Checkmate, you can check a person’s job history as far back as needed and ask for specific details as well. The final report will include records from very place they have worked for and even testimonials of their conduct while employed. Additionally, you can also search for your job history to see the information available on various public records.

  • Educational background

Instant Checkmate can help verify or provide more information on an individual’s educational background. The search service provides details on schools attended and the certificates earned throughout their educational journey. It is also possible to even get their specific grades in different schools if they have been made public by the institutions of learning they attended. Fortunately, Instant Checkmate offers a standard or premium report for such requests giving you a chance to get as much information as possible.

  • Criminal records

If you suspect that a neighbor, colleague or new acquaintance may be hiding their true identity because of involvement in illegal activities, you can confirm on Instant Checkmate. The search service can access criminal records of US residents and prepare a report on a specific individual. Most times, the background checker will require basic personal details such as the name or age of the person to enable it to narrow down to the best matches.

Overall, Instant Checkmate guarantees a thorough background check on yourself and others making it worth the investment.


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