What Does The Future Of iGaming Look Like?


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Gambling had gone a long way from its traditional ways of being played. Back in the day, one would need to physically travel to a land-based casino or a small-time gambling place to get your betting fix.

Now, thanks to the innovations brought about by modern technology, you can now gamble and play anytime and anywhere through your computer or your mobile device–this is through online casino.

You can play almost every casino game online as you would in a land-based casino–there are online slots, online blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker, and many more. As technology continues to improve and advance, what are the “next” things that can be expected to happen in the world of online gambling? Here are some of the most exciting new gaming technologies that you might just be able to see in the future of online casinos!

Virtual reality

Virtual reality or VR is no longer a new thing when it comes to gaming. In the past years, console and PC gaming saw a stream of games that are VR compatible. There was once a battle for the best console VR headset between Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. Soon after, mobile phones with VR capability were introduced, and even Google jumped into the hype and introduced a budget VGFR headset for mobile phones called Google Cardboard.

Thus, the idea of virtual reality making its way to the world of online gambling is no longer a farfetched concept as it may have sounded if it was suggested ten or so years ago. Imagine being able to play your favorite slot games, casino table games, and being able to “walk-around” in an online casino–all thanks to the wonderful technology that is virtual reality.

What Does The Future Of iGaming Look Like?
What Does The Future Of iGaming Look Like?

Augmented reality

Another next-gen gaming that was the talk of the gaming world in the past years was augmented reality. If VR was about living in the world of the game through your VR headset, augmented reality or AR is about bringing the elements of the game into the real world through your device.

One of the most popular examples of this was “Pokémon GO”, a location-based AR game for smartphones that featured the characters from Pokémon that can be “caught” in real life thanks to AR technology.

Imagine being able to convert your usual desk at home into a glamorous table for roulette. This is possible with AR, as it uses computer graphics and embeds it in the real-world environment.

Esports becoming more dominant

Esports had been a thing for decades now, ever since people started having the idea of playing video games competitively. However, it is undeniable that this sub-culture of gaming has gained the biggest increase in popularity in the past several years. Esports had seen more and more games being played in a competitive setup, and more people are getting into the professional and competitive way playing of video games.

As of now, the world of esports is dominated by a few genres of games only–massive online battle arenas or MOBA games, first-person shooter or FPS games, and some fighting titles. As more people get interested in this sub-culture of gaming, one can expect more genres to get into esports, too.

As such, more sites and apps are expected to open up their doors for esports betting. After all, what’s the reason not to? If people are into it, it is a given that there would be people who would want to bet on it. However, this would not be the start of a move away from traditional sports betting but an expansion of the already wide betting options for people.

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