What are the advantages of 3D hard gold and 18K gold?

What are the advantages of 3D hard gold and 18K gold?
What are the advantages of 3D hard gold and 18K gold?

The 3D hard gold has below advantages:

  1. The best technology. 3D hard gold uses advanced hollow nano “electroforming” technology, which greatly improving the hardness and wears resistance of gold. It also uses advanced space dewaxing technology, no solder joints, one-time forming, no seams, and smooth surface finish.
  2. The best design theme. The features of 3D hard gold are more suitable for design products because the major brands are applying the best design theme to the 3D hard gold.
  3. Big in shape and light in weight. The jewelry makers of 3D hard gold craft are more exquisite and lightweight. The weight of the same size jewelry is only 1/3 of the traditional gold. It has created a golden effect of “Big in shape and light in weight”.The integration of fashion and cute elements lead to a good decorative effect.
  4. Three-dimensional fashion and exquisite. The shape of traditional gold ornaments is more flat than three-dimensional due to its insufficient hardness. 3D hard gold has a strong three-dimensional effect. Because 3D hard gold jewelry charm photo bracelets use a wax model to mold, the wax mold is exquisite and meticulous, and it can also boldly adopt 3D modeling, making it fully display in 3D space.
  5. Products regardless of age. Nowadays, jewelry with no age limit is more popular. 3D hard gold is called age-reducing products, and suitable for people of different ages.
  6. 3D hard gold jewelry is more healthy. Gold is a precious metal with a very strong antioxidant effect. It will inhibit the body from producing a large number of peroxides and free radicals, and reduce the harmful substances. The stereoscopic 3D hard gold jewelry can always be in a frictional form with the skin, thus promoting the body’s blood circulation, so wear 3D hard gold jewelry can reduce the chance of skin infection.

If you’re a jewelry store regular, you will notice that most of the jewelry on the market is inlaid with 18K gold. Like the diamonds, gems, and jade, these expensive jewelry are inlaid with 18K gold. International big brand jewelry also likes 18K gold craft production.

Here are the merits of 18k gold:

  1. Comfortable to wear and cost-effective. Generally, gold jewelry with gold content more than 60% is not easy to cause skin allergies. The purity of 18K gold is 75%, moderate purity, stable and durable, it is a kind of low cost with very high-cost performance.
  2. Rich in color, stylish and generous. 18K gold is rich in color, it can use different formulas to meet the color preferences of various customers, such as white, yellow, rose red, etc., which can highlight personality, simple but not monotonous. It suits the consumer group of all sorts of age, the color of skin, hairstyle, and have better adornment effect. Compared with yellow platinum, it is more in line with international fashion.
  3. Moderate hardness and various styles. Pure gold has a good ductility but too soft to hold the design shape. Compared with the gold, 18K gold is harder and less prone to wear, and the style can be delicate and changeable.
  4. Good luster, suitable for setting gemstones. 18K gold is the first choice for many inlaid gold ornaments and gemstones for it has a good luster.
  5. Suitable for the diamond ring material. 18K gold not only has a hard texture, hardness and wear resistance but also can more firmly fix the diamond. Due to the combination with other metals, there are many colors. The most commonly used to make diamond rings are 18K rose gold cheap promise rings and 18K platinum, which are not only cheap but also fashionable and beautiful.
  6. Has a good meaning. “18” is A very auspicious number, the sound of “8” similar to “rich”, so “8” has become a sign of auspicious and fortune. 18kitself does not change color, but because there is a coating on the surface of 18k gold, some behaviors in life may cause the coating to fall off and show the original color of 18k gold.


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