What Are Some Things I Should Ask My Window Contractor?

    What Are Some Things I Should Ask My Window Contractor
    What Are Some Things I Should Ask My Window Contractor

    Whenever you’re looking for windows and doors company to install new windows or doors in your home, there are many factors that you need to think about. The main reason why people install new windows and doors is to increase the energy efficiency of their home and to make it more aesthetically appealing. No one wants to be dealing with increased energy bills from month to month if they don’t have to, and even though windows are an expensive upfront cost, they can be seen as an investment that will pay you back in the longer term.

    Looking for professional windows and door company requires you to dedicate some time and research in order to find the right one that will work for you, and it always helps to ask a company the right questions so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

    Do You Have Insurance?

    Hiring a windows and doors company that has insurance is one of the first things that needs to be on your radar. This will make sure that your home will be protected in case any unforeseen accidents should occur. Contractors should have certificates proving their insurance for liability and for workers’ compensation. It’s best to ask this question before they step foot inside your home and begin working.

    Some contractors also carry life insurance, health insurance, and automobile insurance. You’ll want to ask the contractor what specific insurance they have because they might be confused if you just ask them if they have insurance. The two types of insurance that you’ll want to see proof of are general liability insurance and proof of workers’ compensation.

    When you hire a contractor that does have insurance, they will be dealing with increased overhead to run their business. Because of that, you’ll most likely be paying a rate that’s a little higher in comparison to some of the window contractors on your radar. The cost of labor for contractors that carry insurance might be increased by 20%. If you find a contractor that provides you with a quote that is far lower than the rest of the contractors on your list, there is a possibility that they might not carry insurance. 

    Contractors that don’t have insurance are all over the place, and there are a variety of reasons why they might not have insurance:

    • They aren’t putting in full-time hours
    • They are self-employed
    • They are brand new to the business
    • They can’t afford to pay the insurance premiums
    • They aren’t confident in their work

    To put things into perspective, it helps to look at an example. If you hired a window company that didn’t come with liability insurance and one of the window installers accidentally lets go of a massive window onto your deck and smashes it apart, there is a good chance that your homeowner’s policy won’t cover that type of damage unless you went with additional coverage for employees that are doing work in your home.

    Additionally, think about an example of a contractor doing work in your home and gets severely injured on the job and doesn’t have worker’s compensation. There is a chance that your homeowner’s insurance might be able to cover their claim, but your rates will go up as a result of that, causing it to be more difficult to get insurance in the future.

    Can You Give Me Some Details How Your Company Functions?

    A lot of people think that windows and doors companies all function in the same way, but after doing some further research, you’ll see that each one operates quite differently from the other. When you’re looking at windows and doors, there are a variety of factors you’ll want to keep in mind:

    • Are the products secure?
    • Are they safe?
    • How much ventilation do they provide?
    • Are they easy to clean?
    • What about climate control?

    A tilt-and-turn window doesn’t require much work to clean. If you’re considering a casement window, you’ll get an increased measure of security because of the locking system. Energy-efficient and Low-E windows will keep the climate in your home feeling superb and will have your energy bills lower from month to month. If increased energy efficiency is on your mind, you’ll want to make sure that the window has the energy star rating on it. The energy star rating certifies that the window will result in energy savings throughout the year while keeping you comfortable.

    If you’re thinking about going with vinyl windows, ensure to ask your window contractor what kind of finishes are available for it. For those that are wanting to get a window replacement done, the window you’re considering should match the overall decor of your home. Figuring out what finish to go with can take some research, and a professional window contractor will never hesitate to help you through it. The more informed you are, the better decision you’ll make, the more money you’ll save, and you won’t experience buyer’s regret later down the road.

    What Are The Fees Included In Your Quote?

    Looking around for window and door companies can be intimidating, and if you’ve never had the chance to do it before, you won’t know what to expect. You’ll want to ask your contractor if they charge for an estimate. Many contractors won’t, and it’s good to know this before they come out to your house. 

    Also, ask the window contractor if the window installation quote includes installation of the interior and exterior trim. Not every window company involves itself with installing the trim as part of the job. Sometimes you have to get a finishing carpenter to come and do that after the windows are installed.

    You’ll also want to know what the terms of payment are. Some contractors like to get the money paid in installments, while others don’t mind getting paid the full amount after the job is complete. Ask the contractor if there are going to be any hidden fees after the job is finished. No one likes to be quoted a certain amount and then charged more once the job is complete.

    Canglow Windows & Doors is a window contractor that prides itself on doing the best job every time, and if you’re in the market for new windows, don’t hesitate to contact them today.


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