What Are Dental Veneers and Who Should Get Them


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Dental veneers can be a solution for a variety of problems. If you have cracked, chipped or yellowed teeth, veneers can help to restore the beauty of your smile in an effective and long-lasting wayBut what are veneers? Are they suitable for everyone? What do you need to know before asking your dentist about them?

Consider this a quick overview of veneers. While it isn’t an exhaustive guide, it should be enough to answer your most pressing questions, and it can serve as a springboard for further research. Good luck

The Basics
Veneers are thin porcelain “shells” that are placed over the teeth to improve their appearance. They’re different from crowns and implants because they don’t replace or encase the entire tooth; they’re only applied to the front layer. They’re also much more permanent than things like fillings.

Veneers have many uses in cosmetic dentistry. If you have cracked or chipped teeth, veneers can be used to fill them out. If you want a whiter smile without having to bleach your teeth every six months, veneers can be used to lighten them. According to Lasting Smiles of Highland Park’s website, you could also be in a situation where your teeth may require too much attention to warrant specific dental treatments. In this case, veneers may be a great way to take care of multiple problems easily and quickly.

Veneers won’t last forever, but they’re still a permanent alteration to your smile. This is because a layer of enamel needs to be stripped away to help the veneers fit naturally over your teeth. Once it’s gone, the enamel can’t be replaced, so you’ll always need veneers to cover the space that they left behind.

The good news is that veneers are the kind of thing that you won’t even think about in your daily life. They won’t cause any pain or discomfort, and since they’re custom-made for your mouth, they’ll always fit perfectly. You won’t even notice your veneers, and you won’t need to tend to them until many years have passed and they start wearing down.

Speaking of wear and tear, let’s talk about the lifespan of veneers.
Despite the fact that they’re made of porcelain, veneers aren’t fragile at all. In fact, one of the advantages of getting veneers is that they’re tough and long-lasting. It’ll be anywhere between 10-15 years before they weaken, and you won’t have to worry about them until then. They’re quite resistant to damage.

The Demographics
You might be wondering if veneers are right for you. Here are just a few things to consider before you hop into the dentist’s chair.

How old are you? Teens and adults can get veneers, but they aren’t recommended for children since children’s teeth are in a state of flux. As long as you’ve lost all of your baby teeth, however, you’re good to go.

How’s your oral health? Dentists won’t place veneers over decayed teeth or receding gums. Not only can this encourage further problems, but it can also give an odd appearance to the veneers if the decay or recession continues.

Do you grind your teeth? Veneers aren’t recommended for people with bruxism. You’ll grind your veneers away.

Veneers aren’t usually covered by insurance since they’re considered a cosmetic procedure. However, you might get lucky if you have a comprehensive dental plan, so it’s worth making a call to your provider and double-checking.
As for their out-of-pocket costs, veneers can get a bit pricey. You’ll need to pay anywhere from $1,000 – $2,000 per tooth, and that isn’t including the cost of multiple visits to the dentist.

Final Thoughts
As you can see, veneers aren’t for everyone. If you make a good candidate, however, they can be a life-changing addition to your smile. Talk to your dentist and see if you have the right kind of teeth for veneers.

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