What Are Cordyceps Mushrooms Used For


    Cordyceps mushrooms are one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms sold worldwide. 

    This weird, gangly, and unevenly shaped mushroom has spread from a herbal medicine staple in East Asia to a hot commodity in the world of natural wellbeing. However, that doesn’t really explain what they are or why people are taking them in such massive numbers.

    What exactly is it that cordyceps mushrooms are used for, and why are people taking cordyceps mushroom capsules all over the world?

    What Even Are Cordyceps Mushrooms?

    Cordyceps mushrooms are probably among the strangest of mushrooms in the world. 

    Regular mushrooms grow through spread spores that create new mushroom colonies, sustaining themselves on carbohydrates and proteins in the environment, such as tree roots or decaying food. They tend to develop typical spore print patterns and fruiting organs focused on spreading new mushrooms.

    Cordyceps, however, are… a little bit different.

    Instead of developing like a regular mushroom, cordyceps instead build themselves on the decaying bodies of insects. This gives them their very distinctive appearance, like a tall spire, as they quite literally grow on and around the decaying bodies of young insect larvae.

    It might sound grizzly, but it’s actually pretty smart; those young insects might not seem like a great meal to us, but they are a great source of vital nutrients needed to grow and multiply for a mushroom.

    All this begs the question, though: why on earth would people take cordyceps mushrooms?

    Why Would a Person Want to Take Cordyceps Mushrooms?

    So many people are taking cordyceps mushrooms because of their apparent ability to provide health benefits.

    Mushrooms have been used for millennia by people all over the world for the specific purpose of treating ailments. In much the same way that people have been using plants to treat inflammation, illness, and injuries, so too have people in the Far East been utilizing mushrooms.

    This is why mushroom supplements, especially cordyceps mushrooms, have taken the world by storm recently. People have discovered cordyceps mushrooms and have begun consuming vast quantities of mushroom supplements, all aimed at treating specific problems.

    So what kind of ailments are being treated by cordyceps mushrooms? Is there any truth to the claims that it could be helpful?

    What Kinds of Conditions Can Cordyceps Mushrooms Help With?

    The trouble with finding concrete information surrounding the potential usefulness of things like medicinal mushrooms is that we’re still trying to uncover the science behind their effects. 

    The reason for this isn’t necessarily to do with cordyceps mushrooms being unhelpful; it’s just that research into their benefits is only now being funded.

    People worldwide have been using cordyceps mushrooms to treat all kinds of things without the reassurance of proof, but these days, people are understandably a little more skeptical.

    #1: Support Your Immune System

    One of the main reasons that people look to using cordyceps mushrooms is to try and boost their immune system. Supposedly, the compounds within cordyceps mushrooms can help to increase the immune response thanks to the cordycepin

     within it.

    Research has discovered that the compound is similar to adenosine, one of the main components of human cells and vital for the immune system response.

    #2: A Natural Alternative for an Energy Boost

    This one might not seem that critical, but some studies have found that cordyceps can be used to provide an energy boost.

    This isn’t the same thing as having a coffee or taking a caffeine tablet, but it would appear that cordyceps can offer some mild counter towards fatigue. The reasons are not entirely clear, but many people are using cordyceps to help give them a big burst of energy to deal with a tiring day.

    #3 Improve levels of fitness

    Many athletes are intrigued by the benefits of cordyceps too. The principal reason for this is the deep concentration of vital nutrients that make cordyceps mushrooms more than just a regular supplement.

    This interest is more centered around the general nutritional content of the mushroom.  However, many athletes are starting to consider cordyceps mushrooms not as a miracle cure but as a nutritional aid.

    Final Thoughts on What Are Cordyceps Mushrooms Used For

    As ever with new, exciting things, it remains to be seen whether or not the benefits of cordyceps mushrooms genuinely do live up to their reputation. Countless studies are currently ongoing, but the future looks bright for the world of mushroom supplements and those that take them.

    Some people are already enjoying the potential benefits of cordyceps mushrooms and other mushrooms supplements. Products such as powders and capsules are especially popular, as they are convenient and quick to use. 


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