Web scraper API

Infatica offers its customers a unique scraper API service that quickly takes any IT company to the international level and allows it to be one step ahead of its competitors. Scraper API is a fairly complex professional progressive working tool for any specialist involved in the field of IT technologies and web marketing, which provides an effective collection of data the user needs, as well as filtering exactly the information that he needs with minimal time and labor costs.

What are our requirements for Scraper API technology?

When our company offers our customers a subscription to our web scraper api, we are always ready for any request, as we place the highest demands on the development and upgrade of our system, such as:

·         The main task that we set for ourselves is the simplicity of the interface of our Web scraping technology, so that the system management is clear to every user, even if he is not an IT professional.

·         When developing the Scraper API, our engineers tried to make such a portal that when loading web pages, regardless of the country in which they are registered, users do not have to bypass numerous blocking, captcha, and checks for robots.

·         Any web scraper project must be scalable to ensure the stable development of the customer’s business, as well as job growth, an expansion of the client base, and an inevitable increase in profits.

·         We have created a convenient online technical support service for our subscribed customers. Users can contact our service engineers 24/7, through a special feedback form, indicating their return contact details in the corresponding interactive columns.

·         We always take care of all technical issues and possible problems with our system, code programming, and other complex functions. Customers can only search for resources of interest through filters, which significantly saves their time.

Our platform guarantees complete reliability and stability in operation, we provide up to 99.9% of continuous loading of our servers at the highest speeds, without loss of performance, which is an undoubted merit and painstaking work of our developers.

Additional features of our Web Scraper API

In addition to the basic functions of finding the necessary information on global web resources. We are also pleased to offer our customers the following additional options:

·         Quickly find the information you need from dynamic websites. Here we mean modern commercial Internet resources, which are built on the principle of real-time content correction. These sites have the functions of changing prices, exchanging rates, updating the news feed, as well as live chatting with administrators for messaging, animation, and interactive options. Infatica’s Scraper API handles this complex task very quickly by constantly rendering content, which updates search queries in sync with content changes in the web portal.

·         Fast and complete export without data loss in CSV, XLSX, and JSON format. All content identified by filters in search queries will be quickly transformed into any readable format, such as a text document or classic Excel spreadsheet.

·         Operational structuring of data that was selected by search queries, as well as their editing and processing, according to user requirements.

·         Many websites are protected by a web scraper block, that is, from trying to enter the site through an IP address. Our system allows you to easily bypass blocking and captcha, and the user will not even notice that he enters through an IP address, since the portal will recognize him as a local user of a resource that is located in the country where he is registered.

We also guarantee our customers 100% protection from being banned and blacklisted due to a violation of the website’s privacy policy, since thousands of developers have long ago configured this feature for their platforms automatically, but our engineers managed to bypass these restrictions.

Benefits of our Web Scraper APIs

Our client base of subscribers is growing every month, we are trusted by thousands of beginners, startup owners, as well as top-level professionals, and major players in the IT business. Since we have a number of the following undeniable advantages over most competitors:

·         We guarantee the highest efficiency – almost every user request on third-party resources will be successful.

·         The data transfer rate of our system is much higher than that of competitors, regardless of the amount of traffic, which allows you to get a response to a request with almost no waiting.

·         We guarantee the longest period of uptime for the system with periodically repeated requests.

·         Before starting work, the customer can view the introductory presentation of our portal and get a complete picture of all the features and options of our system.

·         We have an extensive information database on our servers, consisting of more than 35 million IP addresses registered worldwide, on every continent. It is noteworthy that all these IP addresses are served through local Internet providers, which eliminates the risk of blocking or blacklisting due to too much traffic from a non-standard place.

·         A customer can make several API requests at the same time, regardless of whether the previous operation to search for the content of interest on third-party web portals has been completed.

·         Our customers can choose an IP address that is located in one of the more than 100 most polar locations in many countries in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and other places, which allows them to quickly find investment information by analyzing content almost everywhere they have been posted by the developers of the web resource of interest.

·         One of our main advantages is the availability of a free trial version, limited in time, after installing on your server and downloading which, the customer will be able to get acquainted with the system interface, understand how many requests he needs to make during the day, and then choose the most comfortable tariff plan, which starts at just $20 per month.

The standard plan for a Web scraper API subscription costs only $90 per month, and this amount includes up to 250 thousand search queries, as well as many other additional features, detailed on our official website. The business version of a subscription to our platform will cost $240 per month, but the number of requests is already growing to 1 million. Professionals can request for their commercial purposes the ability to generate up to 3 million queries each month for a recurring subscription fee of $1,000.

In addition, we are ready to offer our customers, owners of a large IT business that registers millions of requests every week, special conditions for generating a premium tariff plan based on the terms of reference from the customer. In this case, the price and conditions are negotiated individually.

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