Self-identification is important during these times. There are a lot of civil movements that started in the last couple of years, that challenge your views on the world, race, and sexual orientation. The world has developed tremendously over the last decades and more and more opportunities have popped up.

Students can study abroad, can participate in volunteering opportunities, or they can find a job overseas. However, until they become adults, they are putting in the effort to pursue their goals. And teachers are working on building an environment where all students feel accepted and encouraged, no matter their race, skin color, or gender identification.

Self-identification allows universities to build an inclusive culture within their campuses and encourages diversity. But how can students get to know themselves better? How can they get a glimpse or more of their inner world in 2022? Here are some ways you can do this.

Learning About Your Personality or Write a free essay example

Even though there is no strict definition of personality, when you think about it, you should think about all your behaviors and thoughts. They all define you and your personality, but also your way of interacting with the environment and the others.

Finding out more about your personality type will shed more light on who you really are, what you like and dislike, and how you form relationships. Students might often feel lost, not finding interest in their present life, and yearning for something more. But few of them actually know what they need or want.

Taking some personality tests will help you find out more about your inner universe. And for sure you will find things you didn’t even know. Before taking the tests, you can write a who am i essay and list all the things you know about yourself. It would be an interesting exercise to do. As for personality tests, you can take the free version of the Big Five and Myers-Briggs Personality tests. They have free examples of some characteristics and essays paragraphs that will help you understand your results better.

What Do You Feel?

Any student in college goes through a whole range of emotions during their study years. Some days might be like emotional rollercoasters. You might have to write that research paper, continue your essays, and search for examples.

What do you feel when you have to do all these? Many academic tasks are disliked by students, but you can take a look into other tasks you might be doing. For example, if you need to make a booking, do you like the process of choosing the best option? If not, why? Do you have any fears or anxieties?

It is crucial to know that some fears and anxieties might be triggered by the environment, while others by your thoughts. Observing your emotions and feelings in distinct situations will share insights about you.

Closest Friends and Family Members

Those who are close to you for quite some years already but not only can help you discover yourself. The journey towards self-identification will take you through all kinds of emotions. But it will help you uncover your inner world. Analyzing your emotions and behaviors is good, but you can miss some parts of your personality.

As a different version of yourself exists in the mind of everyone, you can try and find out more about how they see you. Teacher comments for students’ writing might not be as relevant as how your best friend sees you. You might spell for good grades and work on grading student papers to impress your teacher, but your best friend knows your struggles, your fights, and your values.

Find Your Values

This is one of the most important steps toward self-identification. Your values guide your life. When you live a life that is not synced with your values, depression and dissatisfaction can easily make room. Your values direct your behavior and thoughts and give sense to your life.

Finding them is a crucial step you need to take toward self-identification and finding who you truly are. Here is a list of 500 core values you can go through and choose the ones you relate to the most. At first, you can select more but aim to end up with no more than 10 values. Some of them will be stronger than others, so it is essential to identify your core ones.

Final Thoughts

Access to information and other cultures makes you question your own. Who are you? What are your goals on this Earth? How to live a life with sense? Being happy and in tune with your surroundings might seem challenging to attain during these strange times. There is a global pandemic that is still lurking, a war undergoing, and other illnesses that appear.

Coping with all these fast changes can feel troublesome. Find your values, take some personality tests, analyze your feelings and emotions, and talk with friends and family about yourself. Finding out who you truly are, want, and deserve will bring you closer to your ideal life and accurate self-identification in 2022.


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