Vital Components Of Businesses: Product Managers And Digital Marketing Tools


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There are a lot of different aspects of an organization that plays a major role in building the said organization. From using digital marketing tools to hiring great product managers, let us have a look at how they play a role in the steady growth of an organization.

Who Are Product Managers?

A product manager (PM) determines which products and applications to develop next, and helps oversee the plan for analysis, design, testing, and marketing. Although a PM has several other duties, the main role of a product manager is to determine what to create, and in what order. This is one of the most important roles as the product is what is going to create revenue for the organization and even deciding which product to work on is a huge subject, as the product should be something that the customers will use regularly.

Product managers must maximize all brand areas to deliver the most market value. Ideally, this leads to goods that are good for the customer and profitable for the business.

The PM is also the head of the departments responsible for product creation and management. This means that they are responsible for distributing knowledge, and ensuring that everyone is clear about their goals. It is crucial to meet deadlines in product management so PMs need to be professional communicators with good leadership skills.

What Do They Do?

The product manager determines the project scope and establishes results for the rest of the development teams. Product managers are responsible for outlining a vision for the company and developing an enforceable plan to put it into service. They have to coordinate with each development team and guiding them from initial planning to the final release of the product.

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Becoming a Product Manager

Becoming a product manager may be a bit of a challenge since most PM positions require previous product management experience. Nonetheless, opportunities can be found which give valuable training and strengthen your candidacy even if you are not yet working in the product.

Here are a few guidelines if you want to know how to become a product manager

  • Being well-versed in related subjects
  • Improving listening skills
  • Learning how to write codes will give you an advantage
  • Prioritizing Goals
  • Improve Analytical thinking
  • Constantly work on improving a product


Listed below are some of the benefits that product managers bring along with them

  • They are responsible for strengthening the organization by bridging the gap between different teams
  • They set goals for the company
  • Aid in aligning market needs 
  • Helps in reducing the risk of product failure
  • It helps in the passing of important messages amongst different teams.

Digital Marketing Tools

Before diving into the concept of digital marketing tools, understanding the concept of digital marketing is very important. Digital marketing refers to the component of marketing that uses emerging technology focused on the Internet and the devices used to access it such as personal computers, cell phones, and other digital media and platforms to promote goods and services. 

Listed below are a few different methods of digital marketing

  • Websites
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Video/Visual Marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

There are numerous tools that help in making digital marketing efficient in its implementations, these tools are referred to as digital marketing tools. 

Here are some of the best digital marketing tools in the industry

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics basically shows who’s coming to your website, where they come from and what pages they spend a lot of their time on. It also lets you set goals to track revenue, build an integrated e- system and control events to learn more about user experiences. It is hard to be a digital marketer without knowing the basics of google analytics, such is the importance of this tool in the world of digital marketing.

Google AdWords

A very common choice amongst digital marketing tools and for good reasons, Google AdWords hosts the Google Keyword Planner, which helps you to check which keywords you want to use in your content and advertisements. You will set budget limits on how much you would like to spend. The platform eventually lets you integrate more prospects into your website.

Meet Edgar

It is one of the best social media management tools in the industry. Using the browser extension, it will write posts and extract up to five relevant highlights from the material you have written for easy sharing. You can organize your content into categories and decide for each category when you want content shared. This allows you to schedule posts 24/7, and if your queue happens to run out, it will mine and re-share previous posts, which you can start and stop at any time. You may also use MeetEdgar to run A / B tests on your content to find the language and format that best suits your social media posts.


Buffer works for social media sharing in much the same way as MeetEdgar but also provides analytics on social media posts. The value proposition is its simplicity. You can quickly get started in a matter of minutes but the advanced user still has plenty of options.

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