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Vintage Names

They are names taken from Roman, Greek, Scandinavian, Slavic, Egyptian, and other mythology. Mythical names include names of mythical creatures, names of mythical heroes, names of mythological gods, names of mythical animals, etc.

The destiny of the person who bears this name follows from the mythical character of the name. The Myth indicates the goal and path.

Knowledge of the Myth helps to foresee variants of the fate associated with the name. Therefore, choosing a fictitious name (the name of a mythical hero) for a child, it is preferable to know the essence of the Myth.

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It is also desirable to know at least the essential character traits of the child based on the horoscope so that the character of the child corresponds to the role of the mythical hero. If the child is very calm and reserved by nature, and his parents give him the name of Mars (the god of war), then the classical name will bring a strong dissonance to the fate of the child. Or a girl with an active Mars in the horoscope will be given the name Lada or Selena – the names of the moon. There will also be a dissonance between the name and character of the child.

Vintage Mythical male names

Vintage male names for the letter A:

Aeolus (Greek) – god of the winds

Agasfer – the name of one of the Persian kings

Aquilon (Roman) – god of the north wind

Ambrosia – from Ambrosia – the food of the gods, giving them immortality and eternal youth

Anubis (Egypt.) – god, patron of the dead, portrayed with the head of a jackal or dog

Apollo (Greek) – god of light, patron of the arts

Ares (Greek) – god of war

Argus (Greek) – the many-eyed giant, the keen guard

Athenogenes (Greek) – born of the goddess Athena

Achilles – a hero of Greek folk traditions and the epic “Iliad.”

 Aeneas – the son of Tsar Ankhiz and the goddess Aphrodite, leader of the Dardanians in the Trojan War

Aegeus – the legendary king of Athens, the father of Theseus

Names for the letter B:

Bacchus (Roman) – god of wine

Boreas (Greek) – the son of Astraeus and Eos, the deity of the cold north wind

Boyan, Bayan (fame) – singer

Bacchus (Roman) – god of fertility and winemaking

Names for the letter C:

Castor (Greek) – the son of Leda from Tyndareus, who, together with his brother Polidevk (Pollux), performed several exploits

Claudius (Roman) – the adjective “Claudus” was one of the epithets of the lame god of Volcano, Hephaestus

Cupid (Roman) – god of love

Cerberus (Greek) – a three-headed infernal dog guarding the entrance to the underworld

Cyclops (Greek) – one-eyed giant

Names with the letter D:

Dionysus (Greek) – the god of wine and fertility

Dior (Greek) – the son of Amarinka, leader of the Buprasians on the campaign against Troy

Dmitry (Greek) – owned by Demeter, the goddess of the Earth

Vintage male names with the letter E:

Eremeus (Greek) – dedicated to Hermes (Mercury)

Vintage male names with the letter E:

Eumeus – son of King Ctesias, swineherd at Odysseus

Evreux – a deity of the morning, a warm east wind

Egeon (Briareus) – a hundred-armed giant, son of Gaia

Electron – Amber

Endymion is a wonderful young man, lover of Selena, who asked Zeus to fulfill any of his wishes. Endymion asked himself immortality and eternal youth

Enipey – god of the same river in Thessaly

Ermey, Hermes (Greek) – a messenger of the Olympic gods, herald of Zeus, patron of travelers, merchants, artisans

Eros (Eros) – god of love

Eson – king of the city of Iolca in Thessaly, father of Iason

Vintage male names for the letter F:

Fauns (Roman) – Forest Deities

Fork – sea god, father of the nymph Foosa

Vintage male names for the letter G:

Germogen (Greek) – born of Hermes (Mercury)

Vintage male names for the letter H:

Hector (Greek) is one of the bravest heroes of the battle of Troy. Killing a friend of Achilles Patroclus, he was hit by Achilles

Hercules (Greek) – the son of Zeus and Alkmena, the greatest of the Greek heroes, accomplished twelve feats, cleansed the Earth of monsters and evil, and received immortality from the gods. Hercules – Roman form named after Heracles

Hermes (Greek) – the son of Zeus and Maya, the messenger of the gods, the guide of the dead to the underworld, a smart, skillful kidnapper. Patron of travelers, merchants, artisans, and gymnasts

Hymen, Hymen (Greek) – god of marriage

Hyperboreans (Greek) – a fairy-tale people, according to legend, who lived in the far north in the eternally sunny country of universal prosperity

Heraclius (Greek) – from Heracles, on behalf of Heracles, meaning: the glory of Hera (wife of Zeus)

 Hades (Greek and Roman Myth.) – the lord of the underworld of the dead, as well as the hell itself

Vintage male names with the letter I:

Icarus (Greek) – a young man who flew with his father Daedalus from the island of Crete, where they were held captive, on wings made of wax. Despite the warnings of his father, Icarus during the flight approached the sun, which melted the wax, and the young man fell into the sea, where he died

Iliodor (Greek) – the gift of Helios (Sun)

Isidore (Greek) – a gift from the goddess Isis

Vintage male names for the letter J:

Jan, Janus (Roman) – the god of beginning and end, portrayed with two faces facing in opposite directions. During the war, the Janus Temple stood open

Jason (Jason) – son of Eson, brother of Peleus, leader of the Argonauts’ campaign in Colchis for the Golden Fleece.

Vintage male names for the letter L:

Lucifer (Roman) – the Romans have the ancient name of the planet Venus. In Christian mythology, the ruler of hell

Vintage male names with the letter M:

Mantle (Greek) – son of Melampus, forecaster

Maron (Greek) – grandson of Dionysus and Ariadne, priest of Apollo in the city of Ismar, in Thrace

Mars (Roman) – god of war

Melanphius (Greek) – the son of Dolion, a shepherd, a slave to Odysseus, whom he cheated on, serving Penelope’s suitors

Menelaus (Greek) – son of Atreus, husband of Helen, king of Sparta

Mentor (Greek) – a friend of Odysseus, educator of Telemachus. In common sense – a mentor

Mercury (Roman) – the name of the Roman god Mercury, corresponding to the Greek Hermes

Morpheus – son of the god of sleep, creator of dreams

Vintage male names for the letter N:

Neptune (Roman) – god of the seas

Nereus (Greek) – the son of Pontus and Gaia, the father of Amphitrite and the Nereid. The deity personifying the calm sea

Nestor (Greek) – the son of Neleus and Chloride, the wise king of the island of Pylos

Nireus (Greek) – the son of King Harop and Aglaya, the leader of the troops from Sima on a campaign against Troy

Not (Greek) – the son of Astraeus and Eos, a moist south wind

Vintage male names with the letter O:

Oden (Odin) – the supreme god in Scandinavian mythology

Odysseus (Greek) – the son of Laertes and Anticley, king of the island of Ithaca

Oracle – priest, soothsayer, fortuneteller

Orion is the legendary Boeotian, a giant hunter, whom the goddess of dawn. Eos fell in love with, after Death, turned into a star.

Orcan – Hurricane

Orpheus (Greek) – singer and musician, husband of the nymph Eurydice, who charmed with his wild art animals, trees and rocks

Vintage male names for the letter P:

Pan (Greek) – the son of Hermes, the god of forests, patron of shepherds and herds

Paris (Greek) – Priam’s son, who kidnapped Elena and killed Achilles

Parnassus is a mountain in Phocis, on the slope of which was the dolphin temple of Apollo. In myths – the habitat of Apollo and muses

Pean – god of healing

Pegasus (Greek) is the winged horse of Zeus. From the impact of his hooves on Mount Helikon, the source of Hippocrenus scored, the water of which gave poets inspiration

Penates – in Roman mythology patron gods of the hearth

Perseus (Greek) – the son of Zeus and Danai

Perun – in Slavic mythology, the god of thunder and lightning

Pygmalion is the king of the island of Cyprus and the legendary sculptor who created from ivory a statue of a girl of extraordinary beauty and fell in love with her. Aphrodite revived the figure, and Pygmalion married a girl

Pluto (Greek) – the god of the underworld

Pollux (Greek) – the brother of Castor, the son of Leda from Tyndareus, who made many feats with his brother

Polydor – Priam’s youngest son, killed by Achilles

Poseidon (Greek) – in Roman mythology Neptune is the god of the seas, brother of Zeus

Priam – the last king of Troy

Proteus – soothsayer, father of the nymph Eidofei

Phaeton is the son of Helios, begging his father to allow him to rule the sun chariot. Unable to restrain his horses, he approached the Earth, on which forests began to burn and dry rivers. Zeus struck Phaeton with lightning

Phoebe (Greek) – one of the names of Apollo, the god of the sun, light, poetry, and art

Phoenix – son of the Thessalian king Amyntor, educator of Achilles

Vintage male names with the letter R:

Radamant – son of Zeus and Europe, brother of Minos, king of Ocala in Boeotia, famous for his justice

Ramses (Egypt) – a worshiper of the god Ra

Remus (Roman) – one of the two legendary founders of Rome (brother of Romulus)

Vintage male names for the letter S:

Samson – the legendary biblical hero, distinguished by exceptional strength

Satyrs – in Greek. mythology lower deities portrayed as half-humans, half-gantry

Saturn (Roman) is the father of Jupiter. Expelled by his son from heaven, Saturn settled in southern Italy, where he established a golden age.

Seraphim (Heb.) – fiery angel

Sylvanas (Roman) – God of the Forests

Sylphs (Celtic and Germanic) – a perfume of the air

Sisyphus is the founder of Corinth, who divulged among the people the secrets of the gods and, as punishment for this, in the underworld rolled a stone block onto the mountain, which rolled down, barely reaching the top. From here – Sisyphus labor

Sim (Sima) is an island off the southern coast of Asia Minor, near Rhodes. Shem is the eldest of Noah’s three sons (Dr. Heb.)

Skald – Old Norse singer

Stribog – in Slavic mythology, the god of the winds

Vintage male names for the letter T:

Tantalum (Greek) is a king who insulted the gods and was severely punished by them. In the underworld, standing upright in the water and seeing ripe fruits above his head, he could not quench his thirst and hunger, as water and branches with fruits left him

Tartarus (Greek) – hell

Theseus ( Theseus ) – the son of Aegeus, the legendary king of Athens, who made several difficult exploits

Telamon – king of the island of Salamis, a participant in the campaign of the Argonauts

Telem – son of Eurimey, the old Cyclops, soothsayer

Telemachus – son of Odysseus and Penelope

The term (Roman) – the god of the boundary

Tyndareus – king of Sparta, husband of Leda

Titans (Greek) – the ancestors of the generation of gods, the last deposed in tartar (hell)

Typhus, Typhos (Greek) – a giant imprisoned by the gods in the underworld, where two kites pecked his liver, which always grew again

Tritons – sea deities portrayed as half-human, half-fish

Vintage male names with the letter U:

Uranus – the god of heaven, the husband of Gaia, the father of Crohn, Rhea, Prometheus, Iapetus, and other gods and titans

Vintage male names for the letter V:

Vlasiy (Greek) – consonant with the name of the Slavic god of livestock Veles

Volcano (Roman) – god of fire and blacksmithing

Vintage male names with the letter X:

Xam – in the biblical legend, the son of Patriarch Noah, cursed by his father for disrespect

Xarop – king of the city of Sima, father of Nireus

Vintage male names for the letter Z:

Zephyr (Greek) – the deity of the light westerly wind

Zinovy (Greek) – the power of Zeus

Zeus (Greek) – god of thunder and lightning

Vintage female names

Vintage female names with the letter A:

Aurora (Roman) – Goddess of the Morning Dawn

Ambrosia – the food of the gods, giving them immortality and eternal youth

Apollinaria (Greek) – dedicated to Apollo, the god of light

Artemis (Greek) – the goddess of the hunt

Astrea (Greek) – goddess of justice

Aphrodite (Greek) – the goddess of love and beauty

Aegis is a shield with the image of the head of the Gorgon, terrifying people. Zeus, Athena, and Apollo wore him.

Aegina – a nymph, the daughter of Ason, who gave birth to Zeus

Aeolia – a legendary floating island inhabited by winds, surrounded by a high copper wall

Vintage female names with the letter B:

Bellona (Roman) – goddess of war

Vintage female names with the letter C:

Claudius (Roman) – the adjective “Claudus” was one of the epithets of the lame god of Vulcan, Hephaestus

Clio (Greek) – the muse of history

 Calypso (Greek) – daughter of Atlanta, a nymph of the island of Ogigia, who had held Odysseus captive for seven years

 Chris – the mythical island on which the sanctuary of Apollo was located

Ceres (Roman) – goddess of agriculture and fertility

Cyan – cornflower

Cicada – Insect

Circe – the daughter of Helios and the Persian oceans, an evil sorceress, ruler of the island of Ei, a seducer

Citera – the goddess of love and beauty

Vintage female names with the letter D:

Daphne (Greek) – a nymph fleeing the persecution of the god Apollo and turned by her mother into a laurel tree

Diana (Roman) – goddess of the hunt

Dido (Roman) – the Carthaginian queen, whose kingdom falls into the kingdom during her wanderings Aeneas

Dion (Greek) – mother of Aphrodite

Dryad (Greek) – forest nymph

Vintage female names with the letter E:

Europe (Greek) – the daughter of Phoenix and Perimeda, abducted by Zeus and gave birth to sons Minos and Radamant from him

Elena (Greek) – the daughter of Zeus and Leda, the wife of Menelaus, whose abduction by Paris caused the Trojan War

Eurydice – nymph, wife of Orpheus

Eumenes (Greek) – the avenging goddesses corresponding to the Furies in Roman mythology

Eos (in Roman mythology – Aurora) – the daughter of Hyperion and Fey, the sister of Helios and Selena, the goddess of the morning dawn

Erata, Erato (Greek) – a muse of lyrical, love poetry

Echidna – a bloodthirsty monster, snake

Echo (Greek) – a nymph, because of hopeless love for a young man, Narcissus lost her physical appearance and turned into an invisible creature repeating other people’s words

Vintage female names starting with a letter F

Fedra – Theseus’s wife, who fell in love with her stepson Hippolytus and committed suicide when he rejected her love

Flora (Roman) – the goddess of spring, flowers, and youth

Thetis (Greek) – goddess of the sea, daughter of Nereus, mother of Achilles

Fortune (Roman) – the goddess of fate, good luck, a happy occasion

Furies (Roman) – goddess of vengeance

Vintage female names for the letter G:

Galziona (Greek) – daughter of the god of the winds Aeolus, turned by Zeus into a sea bird

Gaia ( Greek) – the goddess of the Earth. Gave life to all gods and all living things

Graces (Roman) – Three Goddesses of Beauty

Gela (Scand.) – Goddess of Death

Vintage female names for the letter H:

Heba (Greek) – the goddess of eternal youth; she offered their drink to the gods on Olympus – nectar

Hell (dr. Heb.) – hell

Hera (Greek) – the eldest daughter of Cronus and Rhea, Zeus’s sister and wife, patroness of marriage, birth attendant

Hestia (Greek) – the goddess of the hearth

Hyades (Greek) – rain nymphs

Hydra (Greek) – a monster killed by Hercules

Harita (Greek) – among the ancient Greeks, Harita – the goddess of joy, love, beauty

Hellas (Gellas) – Greece as a whole

Vintage female names with the letter I:

Ida (Greek) – a mountain in Asia Minor, near Troy

Idofei (Greek) – the daughter of Proteus, the goddess of the sea

Isis (Egypt.) – The goddess of life, fertility, and motherhood, who was also revered in Rome.

Lithia (Greek) – the daughter of Zeus and Hera, the goddess who helps women in labor

Irida (Greek) – granddaughter of the Ocean and Gaia, goddess of the rainbow

Vintage female names with the letter J:

Juno (Roman) – patroness of marriage and family, birth assistant

Vintage female names with the letter K:

Kassandra (Greek) – the daughter of the Trojan king Priam and Hecuba, the soothsayer. After the capture of Troy, Agamemnon received a reward and was killed along with him by Clytemnestra

Kera – the winged goddess of Death, shaking the soul of a dying person at the moment when she leaves the body

Vintage female names for the letter L:

Lada – the goddess of the moon, the patroness of love and family happiness

Lelya (fame) – the goddess of youth

Leda (Greek) – the daughter of the Italian king Festius, the wife of the Spartan king Tindarei, the mother of Castor, Clytemnestra. From Zeus, she gave birth to Elena and Polidevka

Lydia – an area on the west coast of Asia Minor

Vintage female names with the letter M:

Maya (Greek) – nymph of the mountains, daughter of Atlanta, mother of Hermes

Mara  – the patroness of magic, the spirit of Death

Vixen (Greek) – one of the deities of hell in ancient mythology, the goddess of vengeance

Melpomene (Greek) – the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the muse of tragedy and a sad song

Minerva (Roman) – Goddess of Wisdom

Mnemosyne (Greek) – the daughter of Uranus and Gaia, the goddess of memory, the mother of nine muses

Moira (Greek) – rock, fate. Moira – three inexorable goddess sisters, who knew the future of people and gods. 

Muse (Greek) – muses in ancient Greece called the goddess-patroness of the arts and sciences. The word “music” is akin to this name

Vintage female names with the letter N:

Nemesis (Greek) – the goddess personifying fate, justice, and vengeance

Nika (Greek) – the name of the goddess of victory

Nyx – in German mythology – water spirit

Nymphadora (Greek) – the gift of a nymph

Nymphs are young goddesses who personified the phenomena of nature. There were nymphs of seawater (Nereids), springs and rivers (naiads), valleys (tunes), mountains (oreads), forests (Alseids), trees (dryads)

Vintage female names with the letter O:

Ory – the goddess of the seasons

Vintage female names with the letter P:

Parks – in the Roman mythology of the goddess of fate

Penelope (Greek) – the daughter of Ikaria, the wife of Odysseus, the mother of Telemachus. In common sense – a faithful wife

Polyxena – daughter of King Priam and Tsukuba

Psyche is the daughter of Helios, beloved of Eros. The personification of the human soul

Pomona (Roman) – the goddess of fruit

Vintage female names with the letter R:

Retra – Ithaca Bay

Rhea – daughter of Uranus and Gaia, sister and wife of Crohn, mother of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demeter and Hera

Vintage female names with the letter S:

Selena – the goddess of the night sky, the personification of the moon, the daughter of Hyperion and Fey, the sister of Helios and Eos

Semiramis – the Queen of Babylon, Babylon became famous for the decoration of the city and the creation of hanging gardens

Seraphim (Heb.) – fiery angel

Sirens – bloodthirsty birds with female heads, captivating singers attracted sailors whom they killed and devoured

Vintage female names with the letter T:

Terpsichore (Greek) – the muse of dancing and choral singing

Tizyphon (Greek) – the goddess of vengeance

Themis (in Roman mythology – Justice) – daughter of Uranus and Gaia, goddess of justice

Thetis (Greek) – sea goddess, mother of Achilles

Vintage female names with the letter U:

Undine – a wave, in German mythology – a mermaid

Urania (Greek) – the muse of astronomy

Vintage female names with the letter V:

Valkyries (Myth.) – daughters of Odin, warrior maidens who carried the souls of murdered heroes to Valhalla

Venus (Roman) – the goddess of beauty and love

Vesta (Roman) – the goddess of the hearth

Vintage female names for the letter Z:

Zinaida (Greek) – born of Zeus, from the family of Zeus

Zlata  – Goddess Dawn

Brief energy-information characteristic of some Vintage names

Anga – the energy of this name transforms the character of a person into a cunning, snake, treacherous type. On the energy-informational plane, this name looks like a giant snake, such as an anaconda, only mobile and dangerous, capable of swallowing a lot.

A person with this name is dangerous. A right mind combined with a strong intuition and sufficient willpower is all a set of good mages.

A man is unlikely to stay long with a woman named Anga. After a sexual relationship with her, a man will feel sucked like a lemon. He will lose a lot of energy.

The only place a woman with this name can realize herself is magic.

Neither personal life, nor career, nor doing business – a person with this name can achieve nothing from this list.

Vega – the energy of this name distorts the entire energy-informational structure of a person. This name is dangerous and breaks the fate of a person.

Lyra – this name makes a woman insecure, living with constant fear – fear of losing her job, fear of getting sick. Many phobias give this name. Unfortunate name. This name can only be advised to the enemy.

Vesta – this name dramatically increases a person’s self-esteem. A person begins to look down on the people around him. It increases his pride.

This name negatively affects the character of a woman. She is unlikely to have a beautiful personal life, no friends, no friends, no permanent job. She will have nothing left but her big ego, her self-conceit. She will consider herself the benchmark in every way. However, no one will love her. This name doesn’t suit anyone.

Selena – this name actively blocks the work of the 4th energy center. Reduces immunity, worsens the work of the cardiovascular system, lungs. Sadness and sadness develop in a person. A woman becomes unable to love and be loved — not a proper name for a woman.

Isis – this name activates the 6th and 3rd energy centers quite strongly. Enables the 7th center a little. The name gives the male type of energy, makes the woman’s character dry, uncommunicative. Of the professions, she could be a good bookkeeper in an industrial warehouse.

There will most likely be no personal life with this name. In my career, she will not achieve much success. He can join a sect against the backdrop of a failed own life. At best, she will become a follower of the official church. If a woman was given this name, then she has few excellent spiritual achievements. The name is material.

Olga-Hera – this name negatively affects the work of the cardiovascular system, increases intracranial pressure. Man lives in sorrow. Not the best combination of two names.