Viable work at home jobs for the year 2020

    Viable work at home jobs for the year 2020
    Viable work at home jobs for the year 2020

    You can find several that you can find on online homework services to help us find feasible work to do from home. Below are a few of them. It is excellent and cool to work as a freelancer since you choose clients and work from home.

    Working as a premium freelancer

    Workers who work from home achieve high productivity and have great work-life balance. To land a freelancing gig, follow the following ways: Have a portfolio and write extensively. Several companies, such as Formstack, do provide remote work for employees as they develop their credibility.

    Begin high-end blog post

    Everyone seems to be a blogger nowadays. To scale heights, become a high-end blogger, get a WordPress hosting and paid domain name, and consider the following tips:

    • Pay attention to establishing a personal brand
    • Choose a profitable niche

    Within your blogging business, consider focussing on high-end consultations. When you begin to receive high traffic, it is time to begin charging a high price and perform hands-on consultations.


    It is the process of selling items with no worry of inventory or order management processes. For dropshipping, all you need is a dropshipping store. It entails three core processes, namely:

    Advertising products from other parties on your dropshipping store, receiving orders in your dropshipping store, and forwarding requests to other parties process order and finally delivery.

    Digital marketing freelancing

    Remote digital marketing jobs are hot cake, and the skills gap cannot fill available positions. With analytics and creative skills, you can help the business to grow an online presence. To succeed in online digital marketing, pursue a specific skillset.

    Digital marketing professionals must have the following skills: analytics paid digital acquisition and SEO and content marketing.

    Viable work at home jobs for the year 2020
    Viable work at home jobs for the year 2020

    Online, consulting, coaching, and courses

    Working from home is the opportune time to be an online coach. Digital coaching is thriving because of multiple career choices coupled with experts seeking for help from others. This work is suitable for those who like and enjoy helping others achieve their goals.

    You can coach about financial, wellness, career, life, etc. To get started coaching, consider the following tips: create and sell courses, develop the peculiar brand by blogging regularly, and develop expertise in your niche,

    Professional audio and video editor

    If video editing is your passion, you can earn income from this trade. Video and audio editing tends to land more remote jobs. Clients are on the lookout for audio and video editors. Video and audio editors’ demand is on the upward trajectory, thanks to video marketing. You can earn money by selling videos, stock photos, 360-degrees, and VR videos.


    Currently, individuals, small businesses, and entrepreneurs are outsourcing coders work in a bid to reduce expenditure. The number of coding and freelance programming jobs is more than other positions in volume. Coding jobs include micro-controller programming, games, developing chatbots for websites, mobile app development, data scraping, and website development.

    Freelance writer/editor

    Writing is famous for online or working from home jobs. In all we do, we require content, and that is why there is an upsurge of freelance writers. To get freelance writing jobs with fewer struggles, consider the following tips: follow twitter handles for job boards, pitch to prospects listed on job boards, and send cold pitches.

    Medical jobs to work from home

    Digital medical jobs are on the rise. People seem to be abandoning traditional desk jobs in favor of digitals ones. The following are examples of digital medical jobs scientific director, copywriter, researcher, spokesperson, and medical transcriptionist.

    Online design consultant work

    It is suitable for people with visual aesthetics. Being able to self-educate and possessing creative insight will make you develop in leaps and bounds. The following are example jobs for design consultants: interior design, graphic designer, and web designer.

    Digital jobs for remote technology companies

    Technology companies, particularly SME’s and start-ups, are switching workforce to online. Employees such as customer service administrators, business development representatives, HR specialists, and sales representatives work remotely.


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