Running a business is not an easy path. Businesspeople face many difficulties, starting from financial (taxes, insurance, etc.) and ending up with going through endless red tape to set up a business and not to have it closed down. For sure, the reaction of a different kind of business to the same situation in the economy or the world varies, depending on funds, consumers, activists, and more.

Vaping is a comparatively new business; it takes place for less than two decades. However, it has already developed into a robust and deep-rooted system, which is improving itself daily—the success of vaping lies in its immense popularity all over the world. Firstly, many people thought it is safe when they started, and now the addiction is too strong. Secondly, it is difficult to stay out of trend for some people.

There are some other reasons for vaping popularity, but they do not matter a lot. The novelties like an electric dab nail from vapingdaily are sold like hotcakes even now when the Earth goes through tough times. The question is, how long vaping will cope with the situation? The year 2020 brings many challenges to humanity. The thing is not the only pandemic but also economic challenges.

The direct outcomes of each problem could be predicted partially. Nobody knows the future. Therefore, the trendy stuff like a wax rig, e nail, or pod vape can become useless for people. Let’s try to analyze the effects modern life has on the vaping industry.

Issue 1. COVID19

The virus that is widely discussed in the media has changed the way people live. It comes to vaping business as well. Firstly, quarantines over the world make it difficult for people to gather out for vaping, the factories and plants stop manufacturing new products. Also, this problem touches ordinary people, as because of shutdowns, people lose their income.


The shops are being closed as well. Wax or e-liquid is not always available in small towns. Fortunately, people can order some vaping stuff online. Nevertheless, the sales are sliding down and, therefore, both small, medium-sized, and big businesses sustain losses. Neither factories can create a new electric dab nail, nor does vape cafe owner get the profit.

Issue 2. General Economic Recession

The world economic crisis was predicted to happen this or the following year, but nobody expected such a catastrophe. As many enterprises are shut down, people avoid buying anything except for major essentials; the profits of many businesses are below zero. This troubles tax payment and other financial operations.

Moreover, shutdown shuts out the opportunity to deliver the products in time, so the delivery expenses grow and, consequently, the prices go up, whereas vapers cannot afford this. Also, many developing countries, where the significant places of manufacture of a commodity are located, are on the verge of the financial meltdown, which makes businesspeople worry about the future of their companies.

Issue 3. Governmental Bans

The last, but never least is the fact that many studies prove true the harm of vaping. It causes mass concern among doctors, politicians, and ordinary people. Some time ago, it became clear that e-cigs are not a safe alternative to the usual ones.

However, until scientists questioned the level of safety, nobody thought of the scale of possible harm. It turned out that vaping (including e nails and vape pods for dry herbs) might be even more dangerous than the usual tobacco consumption.

The studies show that any substance used in a vaping device can have some harm. Talking about marijuana, the clear risk is the addiction. However, not all people understand the hazards of nicotine free e liquids.

The point is that when being heated, even natural components of the substance get some chemical structural changes. These changes make some of the chemicals become carcinogenic agents, therefore vaping (including second hand one) poses a hazard to human life.

Nowadays, it seems that the governments want to protect the population or simply avoid the accusation of negligence in anticipation of the elections. Donald Trump personally and the government, in general, have introduced some steps in fighting vaping devices.

Firstly, they entered the intention to ban some vaping flavors. Secondly, the FDA has added vapes on a list of nicotine-containing products. Though these facts are contradictory, the first steps to make people aware of the risks. On the other hand, such a ban makes it difficult to make a profit for a business.

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