Use Your Writing Skills To Earn Money: The Paths Ahead


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Remember the time that your shoulders drooped from all the responsibilities; a time when you realized you were an adult and the world a tougher place than it looked when you were a kid. That coming-of-age made you realize what is important in life; being happy and working towards it. Your definition of happiness might differ as each person thinks differently than the other one. For you, happiness means a whole different thing than the other person. For one, it might be fulfilling ambitions and earning huge sums of money. For someone else, it would be spending more time with their family. For another, it might be a life with their lover. Definitions differ, the feeling doesn’t. You do realize after a point of time, efforts are what will make your dreams a reality. If the path you seek includes earning a whole lot of money; there are multiple ways you can do that. Times are such that you only require writing skills and a quiet place to work; money will come, if you put your skills to good use.

All thanks to the internet; the evolution of it has thrown up a number of opportunities for people around the world to earn money and fulfill their dreams. If you think you have a pretty good set of skills when it comes to penning down words, here are a few opportunities for you:

  • Blogs – A word you must have heard even if you have never visited one; it was a popular way to share your opinions and thoughts before becoming the money-making giant for people it went on to become. This does require patience even if you are the most talented of buds out there. All you have to do is buy a domain and start publishing posts on it. It will take some time before people start coming on your website and be regular visitors. After that, you can start showing ads on your blog and earn money for that. You can even advertise for companies and earn money for that. Still, to be successful you have to have great writing skills. If you are looking for help with penning down your first article, you can go to websites like EssayWriter4U and ask them to help you with the first one.
  • Homework Helper- Yes! It wasn’t possible in earlier times. As the internet evolved, all sorts of people came on the internet to look for help with different things. One of those categories was school students who needed help with their homework. If you have great writing skills and a certain level of knowledge, you can choose to go down this path and earn some money for helping out students with their homework. There are many websites like TopAssignmentExperts and BestOnlineAssignmentHelp  where you can apply to become a writer and do their homework.
  • Be A Book Writer- Certainly, the hardest of every writing job out there. It will require you to be at your most creative and in a clear sense of mind to become a book writer. You are not going to publish a few hundred pages with a half-concentrated sense of focus. Most people do not know if they will be good at it unless they set off writing. If you have dreamed of becoming known for your writing panache, you can try your hand at it and see if people like it. You can start posting snippets on social media and see if people like it or not. If you need help, you can ask Literature experts on PaperDoers and check if what you are putting on paper is really worth reading up.
  • Guest Posting- There are millions of blogs out there and many of them in need of a good article. You can search on the internet and pitch your article idea to a few. If they like it, they will ask you to submit an article. You can set your own rates and send them an article to be published. It all depends on how skillful you are. There are more writers than blogs out there; you will require a great set of writing skills to publish guest posts.

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  • Writing Contests- Not a bad way to kick-start your career. There are plenty of competitions taking place each year, all you have to do is enter one and submit your writings. You will come to know where you stand and if there are any rooms of improvement.  Right from yearly competitions held by committees to quarterly competitions run by small businesses; there are plenty of opportunities for you to review and apply. You can find one competition on websites like ThanksForTheHelp where you have to apply for an essay competition and earn a scholarship amount worth $500.
  • Assignment Writer- This one requires a graduate degree in your hands. If you specialized in any subject, all the more better. All you have to do is revise what you learned in college and then apply to become an expert. These companies will see if you have the required skills and then hire you based on your specialization. There are many companies out there like OnlineAssignmentWriting who look for such writers. You can apply to become one and see how good you are.
  • Copywriter- Working for an ad agency is not that easy. You will burn up half your brain cells coming up with a creative tagline for a product. Many companies nowadays have looked to outsource their writing requirements these days. That includes several ad agencies. If you have the creativity level required for this job; you can very well choose to become a copywriter and earn money for that. It does not matter if you do your work in office or work at home, like most millennials prefer.  Not everyone can do this job; if you are good at it, there will be piles of money waiting for you.
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Shashank Jain
Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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