Types of kitchen faucets you need to keep in your mind

When it comes to running a house, you have to think about thousands of essential things in life. In this list, kitchen faucets may not be there even remotely. But these are no more a simple item that used to occupy a small corner in your kitchen without ever getting noticed. These have evolved to be stylish pieces that don’t just fulfill functional needs but also complement the whole décor like a perfect companion. So, when you go to a retail store or shop online for kitchen fittings during sales or offers, make sure to have a look at these also. You might get a good deal on the most sought-after design.

As such, five common choices dominate this category. If you don’t want to spend much on this item, you can wait for a limited kitchen faucet sale for a desirable bargain on your preferred model. However, before that, let’s find out the highlights of all the prominent varieties.

Single-handle kitchen faucet

You would come across this particular model almost everywhere. You get this model in various configurations, such as disk, cartridge, and ball. No matter which style you pick, you can rest assured that this simple feature will offer incredible functionality. Its single lever can move up-down or sidewise. You can control the temperature of the water flow as well. To understand the difference between single handle and other models, you have to focus on their movement and how they control temperature and water flow. For anyone who loves easy installation and navigation, it is indeed an ideal choice. It is reliable, and by chance, if something happens, you can get it fixed for a small price.

Double-handle kitchen faucet

Another standard design that you can find in the limited product sale is the double lever faucet. This model comes with separate hot and cold-water supply connections. It works much like the single handle faucet but perhaps provides better performance in terms of ease of use. In these designs, you can get either a switch or a handle system to regulate water supply. In the market, you can see a lot of variations in this type. From cylindrical- to ball-shaped heads, the construction can vary. If you choose this model, your reasons for the choice could be the separate hot and cold-water controls and enhanced temperature adjustment possibilities. Installation is, again, not a headache. You can continue to use it even when one handle has broken down.

Commercial kitchen faucet

These types were mostly there in the restaurants. With time, their demand in residential homes is also picking up. Known for their fusion charm, these models usually feature pull-out spray and a high arc to make heavy-duty cleaning almost an effortless job. To make this design comfortable for a home kitchen, some brands have focused on the smaller sizes that deliver the same impact as the restaurant-ones. So, if you are looking for a fully functional water faucet for your kitchen that can handle all the difficult work, then this is perhaps the best option. When you compare it with other types of faucets, you will realize that it’s far ahead of all of them in terms of durability and performance too. Plus, you can’t ignore its industrial design for sure.

Pull-down kitchen faucet

It is a design that any modern kitchen of today’s time and age needs. So, if you visit an online store during limited sale promotions, keep an eye on this model. It usually has a goose-like spout that you can move around by the head. Whether you have large piles of dirty dishes or a stained sink, you can use the extension to reach all the problematic areas and make them spotless. The long hose and the retractable sprayer give this faucet higher functionality. It’s an ideal system for anyone who wishes to get the maximum out of an investment. From soiled areas in the sink to dirty pots to countertop, it can help you maintain everything with ease.

One of the significant benefits of this model is its wider accessibility that allows it to clean difficult stains and corners. It takes care that water doesn’t splash outside the sink. If you want to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen, you cannot avoid this faucet design.

Pull-out kitchen faucet

As the name suggests, this model allows you to detach its spout head for use. The detachable spray head can move in any direction, making even the tightest corners easy to access. It offers almost all the comfort and convenience of a pull-down design. But it still differs from the other one on many fronts. For instance, you can pull out the spray hose in a straight line, unlike the pull-down faucet, where it goes downward. Due to this, you can extend it to countertop also to fill water in bulky pots and pans without fitting them inside the sink. If your kitchen has a smaller basin, you don’t need to look beyond this option. Some designs can have a button for water flow and temperature adjustments.

The low-arc model gives you the flexibility to move it the way you desire without putting much effort. It means whether you have a shallow or small sink, you can opt for it. The long hose and detachable handle are easy to use. Then, you don’t have to worry about varieties in this type of faucet.

Some of these models can be expensive, and the addition of more features can send their prices a bit more up. Since these are a must-have kitchen accessory, you cannot afford to ignore them. If you don’t have a huge budget, you can wait for sales and offers when stores provide amazing deals to their customers. It will not only help you to save money but also get the best product at reasonable rates. So, what are you planning now? Check online stores and other places where sales on kitchen faucets are going on. You can end up getting the most lucrative offer ever.

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