Types of Door Locks for Residential Properties

Brisbane is home to over 2.5 million people, making it one of the most populous cities in Australia. Its year-round subtropical climate, combined with its stable economy and vibrant culture make the city attractive for people from all over the world, which explains its diverse population. While Brisbane is generally considered a safe city, the Queensland report for 2019 showed that 57.53% of all crimes committed in Brisbane were those involving theft and unlawful entry on property.

With that said, as a homeowner in Brisbane, you must make use of a secure locking system for your home. Knowing an emergency locksmith in Brisbane will come in handy during unexpected situations, such as cases where you may lock yourself out or need to replace your locks. Before anything else, however, the first thing you have to do is select the right door lock for your home.

Get to know more about the common types of door locks used for residential properties to ensure your home stays safe. You can also ask your emergency locksmith in Brisbane for advice if you are unsure of what option will suit your home best.

Door Knob Lock

Door knob locks are likely one of the most common locks that you will find in homes, especially in interior spaces like bedrooms. The locking mechanism comes from the door knob itself, so repeated exertion of force can cause the knob to break. As such, it is best that you pair this lock with a deadbolt or another secure kind if you want to use it in an external area.

Lever Lock

Hand levers are just as popular, if not more, as door knob locks as they are highly suitable for inside doors. The simple lever mechanism makes it easy to operate, allowing for quicker and more efficient entry and exit. That said, lever locks are not recommended for external use, especially entry doors, as they offer limited security and may be attacked without you realizing.

Smart Lock

Nowadays, many homeowners are starting to turn to smart locks due to their convenience and enhanced security. These locks are electronic and programmed to receive instructions to authorize entry. Thanks to the massive use of smartphones today, the smart lock market has grown stably and promisingly. If you want to install a smart lock in your home, look for one that incorporates a traditional lock, such as a deadbolt, so you can still unlock your place in case of a power outage.

Chain Lock

Chain locks are commonly incorporated in main door locks to provide added security and help you see who may be at the door without fully opening it. As its name suggests, it uses a chain to lock the door, and so long as the chain is in place, you will not be able to open your door fully. This way, you can first take a look at who may be outside then release the chain after.

Security is likely the most important thing you have to consider as a homeowner. Regardless of how safe your area may be, it never hurts to be cautious and put a good security system in place. In addition to choosing the right door locks, you can also make use of other practices, such as locking your windows and storing your valuables in a secure place.

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