How can you benefit by trading with the bitcoin 360 AI trading platform?

A large number of people tend to engage in trading virtual currencies these days and thus it is important to understand the platforms that can genuinely help you to gain a lot in this domain. To make matters easier for you, we will discuss the trading benefits you will get from the trading platform known as Bitcoin 360 AI. This is now widely used in the market and therefore shows how much helpful it is. So without any delay let us focus on finding out the relevance and importance of this fantastic platform when it comes to virtual trading.

What the software is about

The trading software Bitcoin 360 AI enables users to profit a lot and this has to be noted with due diligence as well as sincerity here. They can do so through the automatic execution of crypto and forex asset trades. By analyzing historical data this is mostly done. One can also note that they go on to check the most recent trends, chart patterns, etc., and it extracts potentially profitable trades. They tend to do so using statistical algorithms and technological solutions. After dissecting the information, the robot naturally opens or shuts an exchange precisely without any hassle. We can find this to be accomplished with one of its cooperated representatives without the requirement for mediation from the broker. Thus anyone can benefit from trading with them.

In addition, Bitcoin 360 AI gives users the option to manually trade as well. This is something unique as trading Bitcoin is possible by setting the robot’s preferred criteria. A degree of customization is evident here as the trader can specify entry and exit criteria for a specific crypto asset. As soon as the trading conditions match those specified by the user, the Bitcoin 360 AI app executes the predefined trade. We must also mention here that the trading platform Bitcoin 360 AI provides a risk-free, free demo crypto trading platform for customers to evaluate its service.

How does the AI in Bitcoin 360 work?

Bitcoin 360 artificial intelligence accomplices with managed agents at large. All of that is precise in the sense that works with digital money market exchanging and forex exchanging. To open or close a trade, the software analyzes the markets. It is beneficial for users as they diligently studies and interpret trading signals. Utilizing an Application Programming Interface (API), it transmits these signals to the broker platforms. The trade will be carried out automatically without any hassle to reckon with here. It will all be done by the broker’s platform when it receives the signal.

The overall approximate cost to use Bitcoin 360 AI?

According to the Bitcoin 360 AI trading strategy platform, opening an account and trading are completely free of charge and thus anyone can proceed to do so. However, just like with other auto trading robots, the Bitcoin trading software will charge you a commission through the broker’s platform for the trades it executes on your behalf. This amounts to somewhere around 2% per trade. We have found this to be consistent at large according to our analysis of its partner brokers.

Demo facets

Using Bitcoin 360 AI’s demo trading platform is completely free for all types of users out there. The Bitcoin 360 AI robot’s users can test its performance. What is more, is that it can also adjust trading parameters and perfect trading strategies without risking real money by using its demo trading service.

Free trading demo account 

Bitcoin 360 AI’s free trading demo account is one of its best features to reckon with. Before opening a live account with a cryptocurrency trading robot, it’s a good idea to practice with virtual funds first. You can test out the bot and modify its settings accordingly any time you want to. You might do so to meet your needs when you use its demo automated trading platform.


It goes without saying that virtual trading is genuinely feasible a lot because of platforms like these. A novice or an experienced person can truly gain from it and proceed to make unlimited money out of it as much as they want to.