Top Reasons Why CBD Oil Is So Popular in the UK


    CBD oil might have started as a bit of a niche product with few proponents, but it has become a popular product these days.

    While the general public might still be confused by CBD oil’s very existence, the fact remains that CBD oil sales are shooting up in the UK. A big part of this is the variety of some of the best CBD oil in the UK being sold..

    So what are the other reasons why it is so popular?

    Reason #1: More People Are Aware of CBD Than Ever Before

    A big part of the growing acceptance of CBD oil within the UK is the already present, and still expanding, awareness of cannabis in general.

    Despite decades of scare tactics and fear of cannabis in its entirety, people are now a lot more comfortable with this plant and its cannabinoids. Partly due to recent medical advances regarding the usefulness of CBD oil, and partly with its increased use, cannabis just isn’t that scary anymore.

    In the UK, conservative values have meant that the uptake of cannabis and hemp has been slower than in other countries. When it comes to cannabis, it took longer for British people to understand cannabis than those in the USA. However, as more and more people use hemp regularly, both for therapeutic and medicinal reasons, Britons have started to understand it more.

    Plus, it helps that CBD seems to be available pretty much everywhere.

    Reason #2: There Is Way More CBD Available Than There Used to Be

    The idea of finding anything even remotely linked to cannabis on a store’s shelf anywhere in the UK would have been laughable even 10 years ago.

    It isn’t that British people have some sort of natural aversion to cannabis; it is just that it hasn’t been legally available within living memory.

    However, almost overnight, cannabis products started appearing pretty much everywhere. This doesn’t mean that cannabis dispensaries are suddenly popping up in high streets, offering the dankest kush they can find.

    Sadly, THC-rich cannabis is still highly illegal, despite the work of many different pressure groups.

    Instead, the cannabis products found on store shelves all over the country are CBD. Currently, it isn’t relegated only to specific dispensaries, either. British CBD products are actually being sold in pharmacies.

    The high-street pharmacies that Brits buy their over-the-counter drugs and bathroom supplies from are now selling CBD.

    Traditionally, British pharmacies – Holland & Barrett, Boots, and even Super Drug – keep CBD products in stock and sell them by the boatload.

    Product diversity and wide availability in stores across the country have meant that people are now used to seeing CBD products almost everywhere. Walking past someone vaping away at a CBD vape pen is now a common occurrence and not even worth mentioning or thinking about.

    More availability means more awareness, which means a lot more acceptance and popularity. 

    Reason #3: Legality

    Cannabis and illegality seem to go hand in hand, or at least that is what most people believe. They assume that just because it was once illegal, all types of cannabis remain that way.

    However, hemp products have started to become widely available in the last few years, from hemp bags and clothing to CBD supplements.

    This is greatly helped by the fact that hemp and CBD are entirely legal to sell and consume in the UK.

    As long as they do not contain more than 0.2% THC, CBD products can be sold as a “heath supplement” in the UK.

    The only irritation regarding cannabis and legality in the UK is that growing hemp plants is a tightly controlled industry. The British government gives out special grants to hemp farmers and tightly regulates how many passes are given out.

    This means that it is pretty much impossible to safely and legally grow hemp at home. However, it also means that it is cheap and easy to locally produce hemp for use in CBD products.

    While cannabis is still yet to be totally legalized all over Britain, the current state of its legality means that CBD oil is not only here to stay, but it is probably going to get more popular as well.


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