Many people look back at the 1920s proudly, beaming with smiles. Indeed the gatsby period was a great time to be alive. The early twentieth century, also known as the roaring twenties, was a major historical period for the United States and the world. There were a lot of great books written during this period, with the Great Gatsby arguably the most influential of them all.

The book portrayed a vivid image of the wild parties, music and dancing, as well as illegal drinking. This was a time of major political, economic and social transformations. The wealth of the United States as a nation more than doubled. This was coming on the heels of war victories. The country enjoyed prosperity, and the average American was wealthy.

Though the Great Gatsby was written in the 1920s, its influence is still so strong on our modern-day society that there have been two movie adaptations of the book, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and other stars. Several fans still hold the Great Gatsby themed party in celebration of a wonderful era, and it is quite chic to see baby boys and girls bear names that were used both in this wonderful piece of art and that period in general.

Below is a list of wonderful boy names and girl names inspired by the wonderful characters of the great gatsby.

Gatsby Male Names


This is powerful, and no, it is not because it’s been used by kings, princes and noblemen across Europe. It means the ruler of the house. Henry is of German descent, from a combination of two words: heim – which means home and ric – which means ruler. It’s been argued that Henry is from the French name Henri which means the same thing and not the German version. Eight Kings of England have been named Henry, including several princes and dukes. These names’ variations are Harry and Herry. The female variations are Harriet and Henrietta.


Nicholas is a combination of two Greek words; Nike, which means victory and Laos, people. Put together, Nicholas means Victory to the People. The name became popular when a Bishop from Antonia in the 4th century during the Roman Occupation gave away all his wealth and traveled far and wide helping children and the poor. He is renowned for saving the daughters of a particular poor man from prostitution. He is the patron saint of sailors, children and traders.

His generosity and fame spread like wildfire, the man who goes about giving gifts and helping people. His figure formed the basis for Santa Claus. This is one of the names that has inspired several parents over hundreds of years to name their baby boys after him. Several influential men have proudly borne the name, including Princes, Kings and Popes. There are over two dozen variations across different countries, and the name is also adapted for female children.


This is fierce for a boy child, and the general meaning is farmer, cool for a child born of parents with Agricultural history or interests. The name became renowned after St George was sentenced to death upon refusing to renounce Christianity and is now a patron saint of England.

This is one of the most used names in the 1920s. Students of literature must have come across this in different essays on The Great Gatsby and several other works with more on Studydriver for true fans of the Gatsby era. The name is so prolific you couldn’t have gone through high school without learning about a great individual who had the name.

Little wonder several great kings, presidents, musicians, actors, athletes and authors have all adorned this name. It can also be used in two variations: Geordie and Georgie. The female forms are Georgette, Georgia, or Georgina.

Gatsby Female Names


This is a feminine French name. Gotten from Greek, the Greek variant is Hagne which means: pure, chaste. Many argue that it is from the Latin word Agnus which means: lamb. Perhaps, this is why St Agnes, the patron saint of virgins and young girls, is always pictorially represented alongside a lamb.

Agnes became renowned thanks to the Saint, who had a life of strong character and though was born, a noblewoman was martyred for her faith. You would find several articles, churches and foundations in honor of this name. This one has been used by many great women for over 1000 years, particularly during the roaring 1920s and remains a golden classic.


No one culture can lay claim to this name as it is used almost all globally. From the United Kingdom to the ancient city of Rome, to the United States, all the way to far-away Estonia, Barbara is a widely used name. It is from the Greek word – Barbaros, which means: strange, foreign. A stranger in a foreign land. The name became widely used after Barbara, born in the third century, was beheaded by her Father. The Father was coincidentally struck and killed by lightning; hence she is regarded as the patron saint of protection against fire and lightning. You would also find several variations of this name in different countries.


This beautiful female name emerged from Shakespeare’s crafty ingenuity. She was the heroine and the sympathetic princess in one of his works: King Lear, published in 1606. The exact origin of the name Cordelia is widely disputed. It has been popularly associated with the Welsh name Creiddylad which means: Jewel of the sea. Some claim it is from the Latin word cor, which simply means heart, or coeur de lion, which in french means, heart of a lion.

Though we may never know the true origin as Shakespeare is no longer with us, many great women have been called by that, including the first lady of Wisconsin during the civil war who started the civil war orphan homes. An outstanding  British actress, a French designer, an American physician, and philanthropist have all been bearers of this.


The Great Gatsby era was the start of people living more in the cities than on the farms. The 1920s heralded a period of freedom of choices for the girl child and inclusion at key levels of society. The gatsby flair still runs deep through the names we bear to date. Many of the baby names popular in the Gatsby era are still terrific choices for today’s families. Other girl names during the great gatsby era are Daisy, Myrtle, Catherine. Chester, Dan and Tom are also great names from that era for a baby boy.


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