Top Methods To collect Feedback on Instagram in 2020

To humanize any brand and strengthen the online community, it has become imperative to take timely feedbacks of customers. People who follow you on Instagram always like to have a two-way conversation with you for that it is crucial to encourage and respond to comments and acknowledging feedback. Collecting customer feedback is important to create a more cohesive and loyal community, moreover, it helps you to learn what your customers want.

Here are the top five methods that Businesses, as well as influencers, can use to evaluate customer feedback.

Use Instagram stories to collect feedback

The best way that everyone can employ to know whether your customer likes a product you are offering or not is by using question stickers. Many brands use them to understand what they want in future products. You can use frequently asked questions to craft fun FAQ posts. There are also other stickers including quiz stickers, poll stickers, slider stickers and DM me stickers to encourage followers to feedback. These stickers will help you to come up with a more customer-centric product.

Spark a conversation through your captions

A message that sparks a conversation is what you needed here. You can ask questions in captions and encourage followers to reply to their thoughts on the comment section. This method can be great for gathering insight into the next product.

Instagram has become one of the widely used social media platforms and has made businesses busy devising different strategies and methods to increase exposure. Start-ups often go for services where they either buy Instagram likes or views to get the exposure at unprecedented speed.

Top Methods To collect Feedback on Instagram in 2020
Top Methods To collect Feedback on Instagram in 2020

Monitor user-generated content

User-generated content is not just appealing but also a great source to get valuable data about your brand. With branded hashtags, you can see what content your customers are sharing about your brand. You can use these reviews about your brand and inspire more people to feedback. Sharing positive feedback from your customer will encourage others to shares their own.

Create video content and encouraging customers to do feedback

Engaging videos like IGTV has a great tendency to humanize the brand and you can verbally encourage feedback in comments. The consistent views can help you to have engaged community, valuable feedback that eventually helps to devise a content strategy. The feedback through these videos will also give insight into your future products. However, make sure the video content is either educational or entertaining, so people can remain hooked,

Partnering with influencers

Partnering with influencers is another great way to introduce your brand to a new audience and unleashing many opportunities. Partner with influencer and make your product add in his feed and then review the comments to see what their community has to say about your product.

It is always great to collaborate with an influencer who happens to be your customer. This will help him to communicate with his followers more effectively.

Wrapping up

Listening to customer’s feedback, learning what they want from us, and then implementing the strategy accordingly can benefit a brand beyond measures. Moreover, it is also a great way to tell your customers you care about their opinions.

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