Top Five Spring Cleaning Tips

Have you been looking around your home as of late feeling like you just don’t have enough space for everything? Does it feel like the clutter and all the “stuff” you seem to accumulate is taking over your home? This is a common complaint that people have, and even with the best intentions, things can end up getting out of hand. It can leave you feeling frustrated and even overwhelmed wondering where you can even get started on organization.

Top Five Spring Cleaning Tips
Top Five Spring Cleaning Tips

Not to worry, as we have you covered with a selection of the top five spring cleaning tips. These tips will help ensure that you not only find a spot for everything, but that your home feels larger, brighter, more welcoming, and better organized in general.

Start with Your Clothing

One of the items that people tend to have too much of, is clothing. All you have to do is take a close look in your closet, cupboard, and drawers and you’ll likely find multiple items you can’t even remember when you wore last. The simple solution is to do a purge.

You will want to work through your clothing in an organized manner, looking at each and every piece. Make three piles that are kept, donate, and throw away. The only items that should be thrown away are pieces that are stained, ripped, or ruined.

For the pile that you plan to donate, be sure to search for a “clothing donation near me” type of service. Some will even come to your house and pick up the donation.

Invest in Additional Storage Solutions

Another part of spring cleaning will be to find a place for everything. That means there should be no more clutter and items lying about the house. In order to make this possible, there’s a good chance you’ll need to invest in additional storage solutions. If you live in a smaller home, you’ll probably want to shop for smart storage solutions that are meant for small places.

Give the House a Thorough Cleaning

Now that you’ve cleared out the clothing you no longer plan on wearing, and the clutter has been removed, it will be much easier for you to give the house a really thorough cleaning. This is a deep cleaning that should take a significant amount of time rather than a quick once over. You may even want to split the cleaning up over the course of a few days  check it out here so that it’s not too exhausting and time-consuming.

When undertaking your cleaning routine, be sure to include the kitchen in your checklist. Remember to load dirty plates and utensils into the dishwasher and utilize dishwasher pods for a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

Get Those Appliances Back to “Like New” Condition

Included in the deep clean should be a really good cleaning of your kitchen appliances too. These items tend to take a beating throughout the year which can result in grime, dirt, food spills, and stains. With a little elbow grease, you’ll be able to refresh them, which then allows them to work better. Also check Cleaners checklist templates.

Let the Natural Light In – Clean the Windows

Cleaning the windows tends to be something that people don’t usually enjoy doing, but it has a massive impact. After all the harsh winter weather, there is no doubt that your windows need a good cleaning to remove debris, dirt, build-up, and grime. 

Using each of these tips will help you get your home looking fresh and clean your house for spring.

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