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We need to devote some time to working out, we need to focus on eating right and taking part in activities that are great for our overall fitness and health. It is important to sleep well to rest and rejuvenate. It is, therefore, not a great idea to get up at 5 a.m. for hitting the treadmill. This could compromise your daily quota of sleep.

Moreover, to stay fit and healthy, you need to eat sufficiently. There is no point in skipping breakfast. You must start your day with a nourishing breakfast if you wish to stay healthy and active. Do not lose sight of your fitness goals and aspirations. Your main aim in doing exercises is to maintain good health. If you avoid eating properly or sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day, all this could have adverse repercussions in terms of your health.

As per https://www.entrepreneur.com, exercising and eating well, however, are not good enough for optimizing your performance and overall health since your lifestyles have gone for a toss over the years. All of you are working for longer hours, stressing endlessly over countless issues, sitting on the computer working for too long. The fact that you are forever reachable thanks to the overstimulation with advancing technology is adversely impacting your overall well-being and happiness. It is, therefore, not at all surprising that stress, depression, and burnout have today become pretty common among working women, leaders, and even entrepreneurs at the workplace. Time is no longer measured in terms of months and weeks but in terms of deadlines, launches, and even failures. 

Studies have further revealed that burnout and stress could culminate in work-associated issues like absenteeism, job dissatisfaction, turnover, inefficient and incompetent decision making, and health-associated issues like heart disease, depression, or even death. So, it is important to stay fit and healthy.

Here are some important reasons why women should stay fit and active. Explore why physical activity or workouts are great for your overall health and happiness. You must stay motivated to fulfill your fitness goals and aspirations. 

Women Could Sleep Better With Proper Workouts

The Sleep in America annual poll a few years back revealed that women who have self-identified themselves as vigorous or regular exercisers experienced better sleep as compared to sedentary peers. Almost 50 percent of the non-exercisers admitted that they were experiencing serious sleep issues while just 17 percent among the exercisers felt that they get fair to bad sleep at times.

Women Could Be More Productive

You may often compromise your workout session as you simply do not wish to take away time from your working hours. You think that by cutting back on your usual working hours, you would be compelled to do less amount of work. But that is not true. Exercise could boost your efficacy levels and your overall productivity. Workers who cut down 2.5 hours every week for accommodating some physical activity for about a year admitted that their productivity, work-ability, and amount of work done went up significantly due to overall physical fitness and good health. While working out you must wear a sports bra. In case you are not sure of your vital statistics or bra measurements, browse Babeappeal.com for bra size calculator.

Women Could Exercise For Keeping Their Brain Sharp

Exercise helps in boosting blood flow even to the brain that leaves you feeling focused, alert, and more productive. With regular fitness routine, there are greater benefits including avoiding dementia and other such issues associated with cognitive decline. Thanks to regulars exercise, new brain cells are generated in one portion of the brain known as the hippocampus that is highly associated with memory and learning.

Women Could Reduce Their Risk of Diabetes

Women who were used to sweating it out have a lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes as compared to their inactive peers. Remember even walking could go a long way in keeping you fit and active. As per research findings, individuals who walked only 3,500 steps daily had a relatively lower risk of getting diabetes as compared to people who hardly ever indulge in walking. Take the stairs wherever and whenever you can. Walk to the nearest supermarket or mall. Keep your car away from the workplace and walk down daily to your office. 

With Exercise You Could Live Longer

Regular exercise routines could help you stay fit and keep your heart functioning perfectly. Even only 15 minutes of physical activity daily could prove to be beneficial to your health and would make a huge difference –it could mean almost 3 additional years to your life.

Tone Down the Resting Heart Rate

If you exercise more, you would certainly feel fitter and stronger. Since your heart becomes competent at pumping all through your body, the oxygenated blood, you may experience a fall in your precise resting heart rate. That seems to be a great sign as higher resting rates for your heart may indicate that you are at risk of certain serious heart ailments. 

Women Could Enjoy Romance Better

A boost in blood flow would mean a boost in your libido. You could enjoy fulfilling sex with your partner. When you are used to working out daily, you feel more energetic and fit enough to indulge in sex. Women, who are lethargic and lead a sedentary lifestyle, lose their interest in sex due to low levels of energy and lack of motivation. Men who are into active sports and regular exercises would be experiencing a defensive benefit against the much-dreaded erectile dysfunction. This demonstrates and explains how staying active could keep the passion for running high.

Fortify Your Bones

Bones are made of a living tissue hence, just like muscles; bones could be fortified with constant use. Regular exercises and weight-bearing activity could boost bone strength that prevents natural decline to a great extent. Weight-bearing activities could be great for building your bones. Low-impact workouts such as biking, swimming, or making use of the elliptical are not that beneficial as jogging, walking, and even strength training.


Working out could help in lifting your mood and spirits. Around 14% of the people are used to working out just because they are looking for stress-busters or stress-relievers as per the findings of research by the ‘Anxiety and Depression Association of America’. Women must enjoy the benefits of exercising daily. 

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