Top 8 Strategy Games on Mobile

Strategy games require the use of tactics in completing tasks and missions. The category demands using your decision-making skills to outwit opponents. 

Over the years, game developers have released a variety of outstanding strategy titles on mobile. They range from games like chess to war games where you command military units. These games also undergo regular updates, which is one of the benefits of playing games on mobile

If you enjoy challenging your tactical abilities, these smartphone games below will certainly interest you.

Battle of Polytopia

The award-winning and visually striking Battle of Polytopia is a different kind of turn-based strategy game. Players aim to dominate the world map by discovering new lands, defeating opposing tribes, and becoming superior. 

You assume the position of a tribal leader and engage in a turn-based strategy tournament. You can also engage in solo play, and partake in local multiplayer games, or virtual competitions.

Legends of Runeterra (LoR)

A digital-collectible card game from Riot Games. In this 1v1 game, players battle each other aiming to beat down the rival’s health from 20 to 0 points. Due to its communicative turn structure, Legends of Runeterra stands out from its competitors. It notably has a large fanbase in India as an LoR tournament was hosted in 2020 with a prize pool of 7.5 lakh INR.

One of the essential strategies in the game is the 40 cards in the deck. It helps you know the exact card to play when the opponent plays a unit. The strategy is similar to card counting in online blackjack India where you keep up with the high and low-value cards dealt by the dealer. 

Additional strategy tips for beating the house edge in online blackjack are covered on comparison websites. In addition, experts provide a rundown on the rules of blackjack with the best Indian variations. And when you’re ready to start, you can claim a tasty welcome bonus from the platform.

Noting cards is certainly helpful in LoR. However, if you have enough Mana (a game feature), you can play an equal number of cards to your opponent, and effectively strengthen your hand.

Civilization VI

Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game that was released in 2005. It involves you leading any culture you want, from the English to the Huns. 

You’ll be in charge of leading them through the ages, slaying enemies, discovering innovations, and expanding your religion. A multiplayer mode adds a unique twist to the strategy gameplay found in Civilization VI, which is otherwise uncommon in games of this type. 

Lau Kata Kati

As a two-player conceptual strategy game, India’s Lau Kata Kati is a must-try. It is played on an hour-glass shaped board with the use of beads. Your aim in this game is to capture tokens of your rival and block them from making any further moves. 

You can find variations of Lau Kata Kati on both the Google Play Store and Apple App store. One of the top-rated versions online is Sholo Guti Plus.

Bad North

The success of Bad North demonstrates the value of a minimalist approach to both design and strategy. Your objective in this game is to prevent the invading Vikings from razing your island’s settlement to the ground. 

You can only do this by strategically placing your units. Each of the charming islands is generated systemically. As you successfully defend homes, you will earn gold to spend on improvements, creating a rewarding gameplay cycle.

Dungeon Warfare 2

Dungeon Warfare 2 is a sequel to the Dungeon Warfare game. In the tower defense strategy game, you play the role of a dungeon lord and defend your dungeons from intruders with deadly traps. 

The game includes a plethora of maps, over thirty unique enemies and more than five boss battles. You can even level up quicker by increasing the difficulty with runes. It’s also available to play on Windows or Mac platforms.


Northgard is a game based on Norse mythology. It involves controlling a Vikings clan who are vying for control of a newly discovered continent. 

The game involves strengthening the economy, improving science and technology, and vanquishing enemies. It also features very simple game controls and amazing graphics.


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