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Top 7 reasons to start an anonymous blog

For all those writers who are struggling to share their ideas through a blog, here is your chance to start a new blog post using your pseudo identities. This can be helpful in a lot of ways.

You need not worry about the judgments that people pass as they read through your post. With these advantages and disadvantages of anonymous blogs, you would not only be venting your thoughts out. You could also look at it as a platform to develop your writing skills. A lot of people these days love to blog anonymously as there are a lot of advantages of doing it this way.

Most readers love to indulge in reading things that are credible; hence, even as an anonymous blogger, you must make sure to stick to certain principles because you would be writing on the anonymousblog as yourself.

Top 7 reasons to start an anonymous blog
Top 7 reasons to start an anonymous blog

Hence, if you are not aware of the advantages and disadvantages of anonymous blogs, you might end up being tracked by the cyber department. There are various rules that one has to follow, even if they are blogging without revealing their identities.

Hence, staying ethical and considering the below-mentioned points while developing a blog would help you to come with a powerful anonymous blog post.

  • Do not steal information from other sources.
  • Make sure to avoid posting rumors and lies.
  • Do not take this opportunity to defame someone.
  • Do not go overboard and reveal the identity of others.
  • Ensure that you come up with content that is going to benefit the readers

By doing all these things, you would be able to attract a lot of readers towards your blog. Also, monetizing becomes easy when you are following these things stringently because you would be counted as a credible content generator.

Mostly, a lot of people fail to follow these things and would create doubts in the minds of others as well. Because of such people, there are others who would start thinking, are anonymous blogs safe?

This article gives you the top 7 reasons to start your own successful anonymous blog. With the information given below, we hope that you would be able to make your own anonymous blog and start making money through it.

Identity is safe

When you are writing things that are unpleasant with your identity revealed, you may have to think more than once. But, when you are blogging anonymously, you do not have to worry about this aspect at all. Your identity is completely safe, and you can comfortably write and express your thoughts regarding a particular topic.

Free of being judged

When you reveal your identity to the public, criticism comes along with it. People are always judgemental. Even though you give your best shot to come up with unique blog posts, they would still criticize and condemn you. But, if you are blogging anonymously, handling things like these would become really easier.

Negative comments don’t bother you much.

Top 7 reasons to start an anonymous blog
Top 7 reasons to start an anonymous blog

When people start passing lewd comments on your profile with your identity revealed, you will suffer from shame, and that is quite obvious to everyone. But, here you do not have to worry about feeling ashamed at all. Negative comments from people would not distract you at all, and there is no fear of being defamed as well.

You can vent out anything without revealing the identity of the other as well

When you are anonymous, it gives you the liberty to speak anything that crosses your mind without any inhibitions. However, you need to always validate things that you are planning to write. Spreading rumors and lies would certainly attract legal consequences. But, otherwise, using anonymity you can express your opinions even on the most controversial matter with open-mindedness.

Safe to tackle controversial issues

A lot of people choose to use their anonymous identities when they are posting comments on popular, controversial posts. These posts would be highly sensitive, and one word extra from a user with his / her identity revealed would attract a lot of unwanted popularity and criticism from a lot of people.

This can become extremely demeaning. Also, these things can immediately take a different turn altogether and make you lose your grip on the issue itself. Hence, staying anonymous is a great boon for those who want to get into controversial discussions.

Non-compete clauses are easier to handle

Top 7 reasons to start an anonymous blog
Top 7 reasons to start an anonymous blog

If you are working as a freelance writer with someone, there are great chances of them coming up with a clause where you would not be allowed to write with your own identity. But, expressing things is your right; hence, you can always choose to publish things under an anonymous user.

Well, these are some of the top reasons to write anonymously. With all these reasons, it becomes quite obvious for anyone to start their free anonymous blog sites, isn’t it?

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