Top 5 UC essay prompts to help you get into the University of California

Getting into the University of California has never been easy. To be enrolled, you really need to impress to review committee which is a difficult task to accomplish. Your UC application essay simply has to be impeccable, otherwise, you risk submitting a UC essay no one will pay attention to. Here is an overview of the top five UC essay prompts that will help you become a student at the University of California.

  • Dwell upon the advantages of having a significant educational opportunity

This is one of the most popular UC essay prompts. Yet, it is also one of the most complex ones to deal with as well. If you take a look at the essays written by the UC Berkeley notable alumni or even some well-written UC essay examples, you will notice one thing: they are all unique. Thus, your main goal with this prompt is to dwell upon a significant educational opportunity in a rather unconventional way. What it means in regards to writing UC essay prompts is that you should find a different angle to approach the topic in question.

The best way to start is to mention the experience that has helped you acquire new knowledge or get expertise in a new field. Apart from that, you can also dwell upon the techniques which have helped you face various educational barriers.

  • Why makes you a strong candidate for becoming a student at the University of California?

Despite the fact that this is one of the most popular UC essays prompts 2019, finding an impressive answer to this question is not easy. Some students even start looking for assignment help to deal with this prompt. The key aspect in terms of writing a UC application essay on this topic is, to be honest: highlight your strengths and prove why the college will benefit from having you as a student.

  • What is your greatest skill?

If you have a particular talent, this is the first thing you should mention in your admissions essay. By this time, you have obviously familiarized yourself with UC rankings, so you know that the competition is going to be tough. Therefore, you need to mention what you are good at right away. In addition, do not forget to explain why you consider this skill to be so significant.

  • The most significant challenge you’ve faced in your life

When you are dealing with this topic, dwell upon the steps you have taken to overcome this challenge in detail. It is one of the most popular UC essay prompts which means that you need to make sure your paper really stands out. It does not matter whether this challenge has to do with academic achievement or something you have managed to overcome in your personal life. In case writing an admissions essay for the University of California is a challenge, feel free to talk about this experience in detail as well.

  • What academic subject inspires you the most?

This essay prompt seems to be the easiest. The trick is to dwell upon the academic subject you are keen on in the most interesting way possible. Submitting a boring essay full of statistical data on how majoring in programming helps you get a well-paid job will not help you increase your chances of being enrolled. Don’t be afraid to express why you are so passionate about this academic subject as well as explain how you have become interested in this field of study.  Surely, you should also mention how you are going to use the knowledge you have acquired in this area later on.

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