Top 5 Tips to Dominate Express in Black Ops Cold War


    Black Ops Cold War: Call of Duty is a 2020 video game. It is a thrilling first-person shooter game. If you are a game-lover, you must have played this one. Everyone wants to master it. Several maps and plots are included in this game series. The Express map is one of the classic maps brought back in the Black Ops Cold War game. This map has long-range spots and narrow openings, which make it a perfectly well-balanced map. Given here are some ways will help you become a better player, and you will not miss a single train.

    Express map is one of the most iconic maps in the Call of Duty game. When a simple map is taken and molded to make something extraordinary, the players find it interesting. For example, when a train station or airport is used to create something memorable, such maps do really well.

    So, the old map is back with a twist, and we are celebrating its return with these free valuable tips. Keep reading this article if you’d like to know more.

    Most effective tips to dominate Express in Black Ops Cold War

    Look out for the train

    This may sound useless, but people easily get distracted in an Express or COD map. Always keep an eye on the significant barriers when you are near the rail tracks. If you are still on the track when the fast train is heading towards you, get ready to lose one life. Here, you can take advantage of the lack of barriers and use the vital ground map shortcut. But, you must be very quick and swift. 

    Walkways and enemy openings

    You can use two walkways in the game, which can offer you great advantages. You get multiple exit and entry sports in the Express map. But every advantage comes with a disadvantage. All these sports will create more openings for your enemies. They can use these and attack you. On each walkway, you get two windows. But there will be four openings as well, from where enemies can come out and jump on you. So, always stay alert when you are on these walkways and spend the minimum time here. The greater time you spend here, the more your enemies can attack you through the openings. So, be fast and swift.

    The middle office

    The middle office is the best spot for a player on the map. From here, you can see most parts of the corridors and spawn areas. You will also find one or two easy kills from the middle office. If you do not get greedy and move from one window to the other, you will get ample chances to score points. You should also use the ladder that will take you to the room. Also, be extra careful as a Grenade will try to destroy your killstreak.

    Stay active

    Express map is quite different from all other maps. It has unique scopes and sizes and is a medium-sized map with an extremely claustrophobic surrounding. So, if you want to master this map, you must stay active, alert, and never stop moving forward. Maintaining your focus is another thing that you must try. If you lose your focus, you will get lost in the game.

    In this map, the spawns get easily swapped. It also has a lot of nooks and crannies for you to surpass. You have to really work hard to make your way through these hurdles. You can use the train carriages to negotiate from one side of the Express map to the other. Occasionally, you can move on the top of the carriage for a short aerial barrage.

    Waiting area

    It is one of the biggest areas of an Express map. It is packed with time boards and seats. But you can also find some interesting tricks here, which will be very helpful. You can find stairs going down from the ticket booth. You will get to a small platform. A lift is present at the far corner of the room. Here, you will find a resupply crate. This crate is a great hiding place for you. You can jump on your enemies from this spot. Last but not least, always take a dead aim at the entry points, on both sides. 


    These are some of the most useful tips to conquer the Express map in Black Ops Cold War. This great recreation has many new challenges and opportunities. So, use these tips and make the most of them.


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