Top 5 things to do in Ahmedabad


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Ahmedabad is the largest city of western India and has a beautiful history attached to it. The place has served home for millions of cotton farmers, weavers, and dyers and has produced some of the most amazing clothes that the world has ever known.  Ahmedabad has also been a nodal point during India’s National Movement. Apart from these, the city has innumerable options to explore. Let’s check out the top five things that we can do whilst in Ahmedabad:

  1. Fun beyond age at Splash Water Park:

When it comes to having fun, Ahmedabad knows the best way out. The perfect recreation point for a perfect vacation, the water park in Ahmedabad is the most cherished and loved by locals and well as the tourists. The Splash Water Park, Ahmedabad has numerous water rides and dry rides. The exhilarating fun and rollicking activities that the water park extends makes it one of its kinds in the country. The place suits people of all ages. So, make a plan to visit the water joint without any miss.

  1. Ethnic shopping treat at Dhalgarwad:

Shopping is always the best part of traveling and Ahmedabad has outstanding choices to proffer to the shoppers. The Dhalgarwad amongst all the shopping hubs in the “Manchester of India” is considered the best. A wholesome collection of the variety of cotton fabrics, printed clothes, ethnic collections of dresses, jewelry, accessories, astounding types of Silk, Bandhej, Patola, and many more, the streets of this place have an endless collection of world-class fabrics. The markets in Ahmedabad are a pleasure to the senses of any shopper who pass by.

  1. Find peace abode the Sabarmati Ashram:

Gandhiji’s abode of peace and humbleness, the Sabarmati Ashram is the mark of where the Father of our Nation brought the nation’s freedom struggle alive. The place defines the presence of divine energy. Currently turned into a museum, Sabarmati Ashram is the point where all the prominent freedom fighters had their meetings and discussions at. Gandhiji’s teaching, biography, personal things, and related items are displayed well here.

  1. Try and test the Jhulta Minara:

This is one monument that displays the true magnificence of architecture. May not be known to all but the Jhulta Minara is absolutely stupendous and mesmerizing. The monument is named so because of its architectural attribute. If you shake any of the minarets, then the others too start to vibrate and thereby the hanging and vibrating building.

  1. Know about textile trade at Calico Museum:

Although Calico is a word that was derived from Calicut where the European traders had first landed but it is the popularity of the city in terms of textile trade that a Calico museum was set up. It is the foremost textile museum in the country where one would find an awesome variety of textiles that the country dealt with the world. Some of the fabrics are more than 500 years old. Surprising isn’t it? Check for the intricacy in the handworks and colors used to dye. Undoubtedly, it was this quality of Indian textiles that made the world and beyond, turn their heads to India.

Ahmedabad is a city of colors and traditions. The heart-warming gesture of the city and its people tempt the holidaymakers to headway to it. One fine trip to the place will make you fall in love with Ahmedabad.

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