Top 5 Instagram channels to Follow


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Instagram was introduced by Facebook in 2012. And from that time, it has taken a great pace and is the most popular social network nowadays. People posts their selfies, bunch of different pictures and videos as well. It is very fun as well as impactful. No wonder it is a topmost platform for visual marketing and promotion.

Many new updates like stories, videos, IGTV, Instagram is being boosted up and having more than 1 million active users monthly, who used to spend more them 1-hour scrolling through Instagram, every day when they log in.

The growing popularity of Instagram provides marketers with a massive audience in one place only. And many brands are that much influencing that they have succeeded to get tens of millions of followers through visually attracting people on their products. These days social media marketing is booming & Instagram is an important part of it.

So, today we are going to take a look at the list of Top 5 Instagram channels to Follow. So, let’s don’t waste any more time and take a look at the Top 5 Instagram channels to Follow.

Top 5 Instagram channels to Follow

1. Instagram

So, Instagram’s own account is having 246 million followers. So, it is quite popular. So, Instagram is a great example for those brands who truly want to engage their audience on their application. Instagram is one of the most amazing platforms for people to meet their creative and artistic potential as well. You can also be as big as Instagram by buying followers.

And this is the great inspiration for the brands and normal Instagram users to spend more efforts and time which is required to visualize the attractive content which helps them to instantly hold the attention of the audience. So, you are going to learn lots of new and creative things if you follow the official account of Instagram.

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2. National Geographic

The official National Geographic account is having 90.1 million followers on Instagram. The national geographic is having the most talented photographers in the entire world. So, their posts on Instagram seems to have a great collection of amazing pictures of the landscape, cityscape, and the view of the surrounding life always seems to be a great motivation and inspiration. But this isn’t the only reason that they are at this amazing fan following.

National Geographic is actually a historic magazine and its credible journalism is the actual reason for their popularity. So, their each and every post become a great attraction and people love to see those posts as well. So, if you follow the official account of National Geographic, then you are going to see a collection of amazing, inspiring and historic posts for sure.

3. Nike

In the advertising industries, Nike posts the best motivation ads which are surely going to inspire lots of athletes towards themselves. No wonder this account is having 79.5 million followers. And by following this account you are going to get amazing products along with inspiring posts.

4. Real Madrid

So, Real Madrid is having around 62.1 million followers on Instagram. Well, it is the most popular soccer team, But they are having a great fanbase because of their amazing and engaging posts.

5. 9GAG

So, if you are obsessed with the dogs, cats, baby and other funny videos full of jokes, then it is the most amazing account for you. It is having 46.3 million of followers because of its attractive posts. And you are surely going to love these posts for sure.

So, these were the Top 5 Instagram channels to Follow. And you are surely going to love all of these Top 5 Instagram channels to Follow for sure.

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