Top 4 Social Media and Influencer Marketing Tactics for Successful SMEs in 2022


Social media has become one of the most popular channels that consumers use to gather information about their favorite brands, engage with them and express their opinions about their products/services.

While bigger companies can take advantage of a plethora of marketing tactics, SMEs with stricter budgets need to find the most cost-effective strategies to promote their growth without spending too much.

Since social media marketing is all about running a successful social account that will engage social media users and lead them one step closer to conversion, SMEs need to leverage their power along with some amazing tactics that will give them more with less.

To make this happen, digital marketing experts from IT support services company JatApp explain the 4 best social media and Influencer marketing tactics that every SME needs to succeed:

1. Combine Your Email Marketing with Social Media Marketing

The first step to a successful social media marketing strategy is to find a way to attract more followers to social media accounts and deliver content that will turn from social media followers into loyal customers of your business.

While gaining more followers is easier for bigger and more popular brands, SMEs need to find a trustworthy ally to help them get more followers without investing time and money in unnecessary practices.

In this case, email marketing has proven itself to be a weapon of immeasurable power that not only gives you the best ROI of $55 for every $1 spent on it, but it also allows you to reach your already engaged email subscribers and drive their attention towards your social media accounts.

To get started with email marketing you simply need to find a great email marketing platform with an amazing email editor that will let you insert social links and social CTAs into your email newsletters.

Looking at some of the best Constant Contact competitors out there will allow you to find the most suitable platform. Then, all you need to do is to create amazing emails to capture your subscribers’ attention and expand your social media reach beyond measure.

As Instagram marketing is a must for SMEs, using email marketing to get your subscribers familiar with your Instagram profile and social media content is an amazing way to rock your way to the top.

2. Benefit from Targeted Social Media Ads

Social media ads have always been a successful tactic to attract more social media visitors, increase your brand visibility and convert your leads into customers.

However, when SMEs hear about social ads, sometimes they are hesitant due to the high costs that social ads usually have.

Despite what you may have heard, you shouldn’t be afraid to leverage Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram ads, since they will allow you to deliver more targeted messages to your audience and help you turn them from visitors into supporters of your social media accounts.

To get the most out of your social ads budget, you need to make yourself familiar with the costs that every social media ad service offers, you should first take into account what social media platforms your target audience uses, and then select the best one to create amazing ads and promote your business.

Also, what you need to keep in mind is that as amazing as paid ads are, you shouldn’t neglect to create a landing page that will capture your paid traffic and be the means to convert it into loyal customers of your business.

3. Leverage User-Generated Content (UGC)

In an era where content plays a major role in nurturing your audience and showing them the value of your business, you need to leverage one of the most cost-efficient social media tactics to get your business one step forward and increase your customer retention efforts.

User-generated content, in this case, is your golden ticket to present your visitors with content that will be authentic, creative, and less promotional.

As social media users tend to favor unique content coming from their peers, leveraging UGC will give you access to amazing user experiences that will showcase your products/services in the best way possible and help you build an excellent brand image.

To use UGC the right way, you should try to identify the type of content you need to show to your social media followers either by using social listening or through monitoring mentions and hashtags that lead back to you.

To avoid controversy, always make sure to ask for the creators’ permission as using content without their approval might cause you potential problems and give you the opposite result.

4. Collaborate with Micro- and Nano-influencers

The age of influencers is upon us. If you think about it, influencers are primarily responsible for setting new trends and shaping the way consumers and social media users behave.

A prime example of how great an influencer’s power is can be seen through Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner’s trendsetting power that has given us some of the most followed trends out there.

While big influencers like Kim and Kylie have massive audiences and can expose your brand and products to millions of followers, smaller businesses with stricter budgets can’t always afford to collaborate with such big celebrities as spending all their budget on big household names won’t allow them to collaborate with more influencers at the same time.

To be part of the influencer marketing sphere, SMEs need to understand that influence can come from the most unlikely places, even from a micro-influencer with a few thousand followers.

While micro- and nano-influencers might have fewer numbers, these types of influencers have built stronger bonds with their audience and are more likely to influence them to follow their advice and try new products.

As social media users tend to follow influencers’ recommendations as much as they do with personal recommendations coming from friends and family, collaborating with influencers who have spent time nurturing their audience is your secret weapon to get more loyal customers who will support your business no matter what.


Social media and influencer marketing have changed the way companies promote their products and brand awareness.

While smaller businesses might not have the same budgets and opportunities as bigger enterprises, taking advantage of the right social media marketing strategies will allow you to promote your growth and compete even with our biggest competitors.


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