Three best video games based on books

    Three best video games based on books
    Three best video games based on books

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    However, you will not need to read anything before playing the following book-based video games, which are some of the best in the market.  

    1- The Witcher

    The 2007 action role-playing game The Witcher is based on a series with the same name that was written by AndrzejSapkowski. The Saga earned incredible fame for the writer in Poland, however, it was not until the video game adaptation in 2007 that people around the world started noticing his books.

    The game follows the character known as Geralt of Rivia who is a monster hunter and possesses supernatural powers. Contrary to a lot of video games, the Witcher has not shied away from exploring the morally murky areas.

    2- Stalker

    Stalker is a first-person shooter survival game that is based loosely on the novel Roadside Picnic, which was written by Soviet-Russian authors Boris and ArkadyStrugatsky in 1971. The novel tells the story of an experienced stalker named Redrick Red Schuhart who gets into the Zone for valuable artifacts.

    Three best video games based on books
    Three best video games based on books

    In the books, the Zones are restricted areas which were visited by aliens years ago. Due to the aliens’ visit, the place has become mysterious and full of supernatural characteristics, making them very risky for anyone who dares to enter.

    The novel also inspired a film named Stalker, which was directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. The game Stalker has also been influenced by the film.

    3- Assassin’s Creed 

    The above games we discussed are more or less direct adaptations of a book, however, there are a lot of amazing video games that have incorporated several of their ideas from literary works. Assassin’s Creedis one such game that was first released in November 2007.

    The Jade Raymond produced game took its inspirations from the 1938 novel called Alamut, which was written by the Italian writer Vladimir Bartol. The book is set in Alamut, which was once a real Persian fortress but now it lies in ruins. It is located approximately 200 km from present-day Tehran.

    The Alamut fortress came under the control of a leader named Hassan-i Sabbah and his Assassins in the 11th century. The novel as well as the Assassin’s Creed universe have employed all these historical facts.


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