Things That You Should Never Ignore On Your Home

    Things That You Should Never Ignore On Your Home
    Things That You Should Never Ignore On Your Home

    Many homeowners develop the bad habit of putting renovation projects off for far too long, and that can end up resulting in projects that turn into repair jobs that the procrastination has caused. An example of this is failing to address the water leaking into your windows for three years. Over time, the water will wreak havoc throughout your home and end up causing structural issues, mold, and rot. This will eventually force you to be spending more money to repair the issues that are caused because of ignoring the leaky windows in the first place. If you ever do notice that your windows or doors are leaking, you’ll want to consider new window and door installation as soon as you can.

    There are a variety of home renovation projects that can safely be put on the sidelines in comparison to other ones. Figuring out which renovation that you can easily put aside for a few weeks or months is important because some of the problems that can happen to a home need to be addressed as soon as you notice them.

    Leaky Roof

    One problem that you’ll want to address as soon as you notice it is a leaky roof. While some people might think that a leaky roof can’t lead to any further issues, that thought couldn’t be further from the truth. Leaks in a roof can lead to all sorts of problems in a home. It can sometimes take quite a while for a small leak to cause massage damage in a home, but no matter how slow or fast a leak is, it needs to be resolved sooner rather than later. 

    Inspecting your roof every couple of months is a good way to figure out if you’re dealing with any leaks. In addition, do a quick inspection of your ceilings from time to time. If you aren’t able to see anything, consider heading up to your roof and look for things like:

    • Shingles that are starting to buckle
    • Flashing that is compromised
    • A wet attic
    • Roof rot
    • Ceiling spots

    Replacing the shingles on your roof is a good way to prevent any further leaks from occurring. No matter where you live, all shingles will end up deteriorating over time, and knowing when and how long they last will make sure that you’ll go a longer period of time without dealing with any leaks.

    Drafty Windows

    Everyone likes a relaxing, gentle breeze pouring into their home during the summer, but no one likes coming home to a cold and drafty place after a long day at work. Experiencing cold and drafty air in a home can point to the fact that your window seals are compromised. Over time, windows that allow cool air into your home can result in increased energy bills every month. Your furnace will have to work around the clock to compensate for the cool air flowing in, and your air conditioner will be on overdrive trying to keep your home cool because of the warm air seeping in through your old windows.

    The severity of the impact that this can have on your energy bill depends on what season it currently is. Windows are responsible for nearly 30% of the energy bill for your home, so you can see why having energy-efficient windows is so important. If your windows haven’t been replaced in 40 years and you’re tired of your cold, drafty, single-pane windows, consider contacting a window and door installation company to get them replaced as soon as you can. Windows shouldn’t be seen as just another unnecessary home renovation project, and especially if your energy bills are through the roof every month.

    Moisture In Your Windows

    Leaking moisture can be another problem that can occur to your windows and doors. When moisture gets in through your windows or doors, warm or cool air can escape from your home, depending on what season it is. If moisture is seeping through your windows or doors, you’ll want to take a look at the frame and glass on the units. 

    Moisture might begin as looking like a small stain on your wall that eventually grows bigger. Sometimes it will get to the point where an entire sheet of drywall can become completely wrecked. Moisture can also cause a lot of damage to the frames around your windows and doors. This can lead to rot and paint damage. If you ever begin to notice moisture spots on the walls near your windows and doors, you’ll want to address that as soon as you can.


    Rot can be one of the most annoying things to notice inside of your home. It can also be one of the most expensive things to get repaired because of the chain-link effect of other expensive issues that it can cause. If your window and door frames are rotting and you fail to address the issue, that rot can begin to spread to other areas of the home. If you leave it for too long, the frames around your windows and doors can crumble, and that can lead to other issues.

    The rot that occurs in the frame of a window is not easy to discover because it’s concealed from the window frame. It always helps to get a window and door installation company to come and do a quick inspection of your windows or doors if you begin to notice any warning signs. If you’re in the market for new windows for your home, consider going with vinyl ones. Vinyl windows are highly resistant to moisture damage, and you also won’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance to the same degree as wood windows.

    Clogged Gutters

    If you failed to address your gutters before winter last year, you might be in for a big surprise when spring rolls around the corner. No one wants to be dealing with clogged gutters, and when this issue occurs,  you’ll notice water being backed up. This issue might seem innocent on the outside, but it can turn into something more severe over time.

    Clogged gutters can put a lot of weight on your roof, and if your roof is old and not too sturdy anymore, it might be prone to more damage, nearly to the point of your roof caving in. Water can also end up pooling in the area surrounding the foundation of your home. That water will eventually find its way into your basement and could potentially lead to flooding. Another reason why you’ll want to always keep your gutters clean is that mold can develop on your roof.

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