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Thing Should Know Before Buying A Dry Herb Vaporizer

Vaporizers have gained a lot of fame in the past few years. It does not only produce less odor if compared to smoking, but the vaporizers also are discrete, small, isolated and it is quite easy to stash it out of sight. Moreover, the best dry herb vaporizers offer convenience, effectiveness, and flexibility all in a single package.

Many of the smokers are moving rapidly towards consuming cannabis through vaporizers while the others are upgrading the existing ones as and when they can. Irrespective of whether you are buying a vaporizer for the first time or is upgrading the old ones, here comes a guide including the key points which you might consider before buying the dry herb vaporizer.

Thing Should Know Before Buying A Dry Herb Vaporizer
Thing Should Know Before Buying A Dry Herb Vaporizer

Types of vaporizers

There are three main categories of vaporizers which are as follows:

  • Vape Pens-

This kind of vaping unit is the smallest one if compared to the other two types of vaporizers. It is a discrete unit and that is what makes it easy to carry in your purse or pocket. While buying the vape pens, you will have to choose it from three options on the basis of whether the pen can vaporize concentrates, dry herbs, or e-liquids.

  • Desktop Vaporizers-

These vaporizers come in large bulky sizes and might be complicated to use too. Desktop vaporizers are placed on a flat surface and are connected to a power supply at the time of use. It offers an authentic experience of vaping and is mostly used at home. You can control the heat that will provide the best smell and taste of cannabis vapor.

  • Portable vaporizers-

Even though it has a lot of limited features if compared with the desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers come in different sizes and in beautiful designs. It can be packed easily and as the name suggests, you can use it while traveling too. Most of them are multifunctional, offering the users to vaporize dry herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids using just a single unit. It can also be used at home too and it does house a battery that is scheduled to last 2-3 hours or longer.

Thing Should Know Before Buying A Dry Herb Vaporizer
Thing Should Know Before Buying A Dry Herb Vaporizer

Things to look for

Convenience and portability

As you saw in the types of vaporizer section, these units are available in different sizes and shapes according to the situation or place where you are willing to use it. However, most of the best dry herb vaporizers are portable, lightweight, and are easy to carry because of their discrete structure.

But there are a lot of variations according to the attachments and styles, choose it according to where and how you are willing to use it. Just make sure to get a portable wipe where you will be able to carry it easily.

Heating method

The dry herb vaporizers use either of the two heating methods, conduction or convection. As both of them have their strong features and drawbacks, make sure to research properly and choose the one which is easier for you to use.

Even though both the words sound quite alike to each other, their ways of heating cannabis are quite different. Conduction can be defined as the transfer of heat energy through direct contact. The dry herbs stay in direct contact with the heating coils which further induces an uneven heating gradient, i.e., the side in touch with the coil is warmer than the other one.

As a result, the conduction raises the chances of combustion. While on the other hand, convection works according to the principle of warm airflow which means the air circulates equally around the plant matter giving rise to flavorful vapors.

The efficiency of the device

The only thing which most of the users look for in a dry herb vaporizer is a way to adjust the strength and flavor of the vapor. Most of the vapors come with three temperature levels which include low, medium, and high.all of them give out a particular type of taste and vapor.

Thing Should Know Before Buying A Dry Herb Vaporizer
Thing Should Know Before Buying A Dry Herb Vaporizer

For example, the low temperature generates thin vapors, smooth flavor, and weaker hits while the high temperature generates thick and dense vapor, stronger hits, and potent flavors. On the other part, look for a powerful battery that will be strong enough to last multiple vaping sessions.

While the newbies mostly opt for the vapors offering customizable options, the experts prefer the best dry herb vaporizers which are easier to handle. Except for all these, look for a device that comes with cleaning tools, stirrers, and built-in storage compartments. Irrespective of whichever device you choose, getting the most convenient and easy to use for the first time will be the best decision as a starter.

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