The Toughest Websites for Which to Create A Good Name

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There are a lot of websites out there which need names that will entice their users and generate new traffic. That being said there are some websites that are a lot easier to create names for than others. If you’re going to be a webmaster for one of these such sites, you should know what you are getting yourself into. Here are several different website types that you are going to need to put some extra thought into if you want to be successful in naming them.

Local Dating Sites

The first type of website that is difficult to name is a local dating site. Integrating the subject matter along with the location of the dating site that you are seeking to espouse is difficult. For example, managing a website for Michigan chat will involve coming up with a name that tells the users that they are going to be getting dates in Michigan while still being innovative. You don’t want to be too narrow or broad, either, so it is difficult.

Sports Sites

Another type of website that is hard to name is sports sites. You might run into legal trouble naming specific leagues in your site name and you might want to expand the site beyond one city location. With that in mind, you have to tell your readers what sports you are focusing on, what area you are looking at, and the scope of your site. It’s a difficult type of website to name, and it is easy for a lot of readers to scan over the name and move past the site.

Small Business Sites

Small business websites are often difficult to name because of the fact that you have to choose between naming your website after your business or your type of industry. You could make a site that features your last name as it is for your business, but you need to add more information. “Chuck’s Hardware” is a good example of a website name, but writing out that name in a URL can be difficult. Site creators have to find a balance between informational and practical for the consumer.

Media Websites

Think about some of the names of news media organizations. They are simply atrocious in the modern day because they were mostly built upon other media that made the transition to the internet simple. Yet, if you are starting a news site, you have to start it without the benefit of being able to have that smooth transition. You need to tell the readers what kind of news they are getting as well as why it matters to them in a few words.

Personal Blog Sites

Trying to get people to join your private blog is difficult. Naming it is even more difficult. People who create a blog need to either compromise on the name or providing information to their potential readers. You might give it a name like “mind drippings” which suits your style but gives your readers no idea what they are looking at when they see the name. It’s certainly very hard to name a personal blog site that you want to increase readership on unless you have a great way of attracting new people to it.

There are many different websites out there, but there are some that are simply much harder for you to name than others. For example, local dating sites, sports sites, and small business sites are just a few of the most difficult websites that are out there to name. However, if you remember the challenges that are unique to them, then you could either avoid making one of those sites or potentially use the information here to help you.


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