The Top 3 Notable & High-paying Administrative Jobs in Australia

Administrative Jobs

Morally, money is not the main motivation for a person to choose a career, but let us be practical. Everyone wants to earn something big while working. Everyone wants to be financially stable for themselves or their family. 

According to the Australian Tax Office (ATO), they found the top 10 highest paying jobs Aussies love to pursue. They base their research on the average taxable income of an average resident in Sydney. A quick summary of Australia’s economy from 2019 shows a very positive growth of 3% of the country’s GDP. It is expected to grow by 2.7% by 2023. It could have grown bigger if not for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

One of the driving forces of this GDP growth in Australia’s top-paying jobs. Most of these jobs are administrative. It means that these office-based jobs are handled mostly by young professionals, according to websites featuring the in-demand administration jobs Sydney has. 

Administrative jobs are proven indispensable in providing sufficient support to continue most organisations’ business amidst the havoc wreaked by the COVID-19 pandemic around the world. 

Generally, administrative jobs are always in demand, especially those with technical abilities, which are special among others. If you dream or plan on pursuing a career in this profession’s specific niche, here are the top three most notable and high-paying administrative jobs in Australia. 

1. Senior Executive Assistant

Senior executive assistants are the professionals who are tasked with administrative duties. They are usually assigned to assist senior executives, particularly organisations, corporations, and brands in the hospitality and financial industries. They are some supervisory support staff. Senior executive assistant job is one of the most in-demand administration jobs Sydney has. It is a high-paying job due to the skillset it requires from a candidate. Usually, individuals who have advanced technical and outstanding communication skills are hired for this coveted position. According to statistics, this job’s starting salary is $64,000. 

2. Executive Assistant

This type of high-paying job usually performs high-level office duties exclusively for executive management. They are tasked to manage the appointment schedules, meetings, travel itineraries for the higher-ups. They also furnish financial data and reports at the same time they supervise support staff as well. This profession requires exceptional skills in communication, research, and managerial. They also need to establish communication with external clients, vendors, and other staff of their company. The starting salary for this type of administrative job is $57,000. 

3. Medical Executive Assistant

This type of administrative job is pretty much the same as the ones mentioned above. However, it is mainly focused on the field of healthcare. Candidates wishing to get hired for this position must be a graduate of medical school, but not entirely necessary. To get the nod of the interviewer, you must at least have a background in working in the medical field. However, it is a huge advantage for a candidate with a medical education background who wishes to apply for a job like this. The midpoint salary for this job is $56,000. 


If you plan to apply for either one of these high-paying administrative jobs, then there may be many more chances that come your way. However, there will be fierce competition between you and the equally talented applicants. So, how do you overcome this challenge and stand out among the rest? 

Experts suggest you need to highlight the contribution you can make for the company and your genuine commitment to supporting the company’s vision, mission and goals. In short, describe what kind of asset you will be if they hire you.


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