The Most Unusual Forms of Small Company Advertising


    Advertising is an integral part of every small business. It is even more crucial because it targets exponential growth over a short period to stay afloat. The more prominent companies can afford to do the conventional forms of advertising that cost big money, but the smaller ones cannot afford such a luxury. So what are some of these unusual forms of small company advertising?

    The online casinos and guides have gone ahead of time and found some effective forms. The no deposit bonus for existing players, for instance, has revolutionized the advertising world by not only attracting new players but also keeping them playing. In addition, each industry is finding innovative ways of promoting its brands. Here are the most unusual forms of advertising that small companies have used. 

    1. Social Media

    Most small companies usually have a specific target market, and the ones that target young adults tend to focus more on social media. There are different ways of advertising your small company on social media. One of the most unique is sponsoring a web series that creatively advertises your product. 

    The series could be primarily meant to entertain the viewers. However, your advertisement could be added cleverly. Another unusual way that is gaining popularity is paying social media influencers and celebrities to promote your brand. These people have several followers on these sites; therefore, the promos can reach a huge population.

    The social media sites launched sponsored ads visible to everyone and not only to your friends to circumvent this practice. Of course, the use of social media could be quite usual, but the way the small companies choose to package their advertisements is certainly outstanding. 

    1. Contest

    Arousing the competitive spirit of people is another unusual form of small company advertising. It is evident that everyone loves to win, so why not take advantage of it? The buzz of competing against other people and beating them usually has a certain high that many people find irresistible. How does it work?

    1. You can launch an interesting competition where the winning prize will be your product. For instance, if you have a gift packaging business, you could wait for International Mother’s Day and start a competition where contestants share their most memorable moments with their mothers. This would elicit a reaction, and you could have many people sharing both their sad and happy moments with their mums.
    2. Conversely, the contest would spread like wildfire, and many people would talk about it. In the above scenario, an individual is likely to talk about it, either in person or on social media, with their siblings, friends, and even their parents. 
    3. Even though not all of them will win, they will be curious about your product, and many will check them out.

    However, you must have a budget and ensure that you can afford to offer the winning prize without a struggle. The benefits must outweigh the loss, so the contest should make you more cash than what you use to run it. These contests have been so common on social media and mainstream media that they are packaged as raffles. 

    1. Free Gifts

    If there is anything that humans love across the continents, it is a free gift. It could be a free ride, gift, free shoes, or anything; people will love it even when they don’t need it. Offering these gifts is another popular and rather unusual way of small company advertising. It is weird because a business should ideally make profits, so offering things for gifts beats the purpose. However, what if it is an effective marketing strategy?

    This is the fastest way of letting people know about your products. Uber, for instance, used this strategy when they were entering new markets. They would offer a free ride to any new member, and the member would get a free ride whenever they referred a friend using their unique code. This enabled their customers to market the business for free, and soon everyone knew that it existed.

    Free Gifts as a Small Company Advertising

    The gifts offer the perfect opportunity for clients to try out your product or service without taking a risk. If your things meet their expectations, then they would certainly become loyal customers. Many people are attracted or nearly addicted to the word ‘free’. Once you use it, it becomes nearly impossible for them to resist it. However, for this to work, you must ensure that you offer the best quality.

    Lastly, the free incentives or gifts should not last too long. You could either give them for a short time or to a specific number of people. If you offer the best quality to these few people, then they will market your product to the rest. 

    1. Launching Websites

    Launching a website is not such an unusual form of small company advertising. However, it becomes unusual when small companies launch a website that could even have a single web page. This page simply describes the type of business, services, or products. It could also have images of the products to enable the clients to appreciate them more. 

    The importance of this move is that it gives you an online presence. In current times, people use the Internet to search for anything they need. The process is easy:

    • they simply go to their search engines, 
    • type what they need, 
    • and try out whatever they find.

    If you have a website, it will allow users to find your business and try it.

    You must ensure that your website, however small it may be, has your contacts:

    •  your email address, 
    • phone number, 
    • social media pages, 
    • physical address. 

    Once your business has an online presence, then you will certainly get clients. The Internet has become a form of newspaper or billboard, so your website should be impressive to attract customers. 

    These are four simple and unusual forms of small company advertising that you can try. They are affordable forms of marketing that startups can take advantage of and get results. But, of course, for the best results, you must ensure that your execution is fantastic. 


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